Ubuntu – Professional Installation for Dummies! ( Dual Boot )

Since I’m a big fan of Ubuntu Philosophy and OS, I’m still a learning noob, but I’m doing my contribution to Ubuntu and here’s how to install Ubuntu on a “Retro Old” PC.

1 – Visit Ubuntu.com and download either 32bit or 64bit version of the latest version

– Burn the ISO into a physical DISK for better installation and safe keeping.

2 – Boot Ubutnu and when prompted for Installation select “advanced setup”

3 – Shrink a partition and create some free space ( partition resizing may ttke a long time ) then Change it into EXT4 file-system, Choose it’s mount point as “/” and Quick Format it.

Form another partition in the same capacity as your RAM and change it to “Use for SWAP AREA” this is for hibernation as well for processing data in Ubuntu,  now select the EXT4 partition and “Continue”.

4 – Follow instructions to file some locale-based data, once the installation is complete you will be prompted for “RESTART”.
5 – The first thing you do after restart, is to click “Additional Drivers” and install updates. this will download up to 300MB of client specified software

6 – Go to “Ubuntu Software Center” and install “synaptic package manager”.

( If you have issues with Broadcom Wireless, use Synaptic package manager to uninstall “Wireless STA” packages.

and then install “Firmware 43xx Broadcom” +Fwcutter 43 should be installed along with it )

7 – Install “APTonCD” from Ubuntu Software Center, and start it to make a package backup,  burn that to another CD

(This is to save bandwidth as well to use for future repairs should anything go wrong )

8 – finally ( Optional ) install a desktop environment and apps of your liking, but NEVER uninstall or remove packages that tweak and change desktops,

May I suggest Ubuntu Tweak and BleachBIT for maintaining your OS 🙂 Enjoy!


What are your thoughts on this?

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