Windows 8 Review and Fixes

Where do I begin,

Microsoft has finally decided to focus on innovation rather than selling the same stuff with eye candy every time.

Windows 8 features the task manager system monitoring and hardware acceleration technologies such as Debian Linux “Ubuntu”
following the “Metro Tiles UI” which is depicted from their earlier Windows Mobile release.

over 400’000 changes and added coding was put into Windows 8 to revolutionize it’s performance.

Windows 8 core changes were based on simplicity and smart usage of RAM capacity.

Windows actually hibernates it’s essential services and drivers during shutdown to save shutdown and start up time.

the actual termination of services occurs only during restart; where it’s actually useful after updating core features or drivers.

One of the major modifications in Windows 8 is its online live interaction, as well it’s total compatibility with X-Box Gaming Console.

Technology analysts stated that MAC and Linux are falling 10 years behind Windows 8.

Major Fixes:

I started directly working with Windows 8 Consumer Preview to help revolutionize its performance and fix it’s bugs.

Current major bugs occur with Metro Tiles where all tile Applications stop working, including the more PC settings.

This error occurs from current cleaning software such as “Auslogics, Tune-Up, and Ccleaner…. etc”
Since Windows 8 core structure has been heavily changed, you must only use the windows’ integrated cleaning features until officially windows 8 compatible software are released.

Same goes for Anti-Viruses, Windows 8 should work with Microsoft Security Essentials, or windows 8 compatible security software.

as normal Windows 7 compatible anti-viruses can irreversibly crash the system.

To Restore workability of Metro UI  you must create a new user profile ( a New Account )

And move all your personal data to that one.

To Restore More PC Settings and other known bugs workability..

you will need to insert your Windows 8 Medium ( the DVD-R Disk you burned )

and type in Command Prompt “SFC /SCANNOW”  ( without the quotes )

If you have any other major problems,  fixes, or questions.. comment bellow and I’ll reply 🙂


What are your thoughts on this?

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