iPhone 4 review and proper use of external battery case



The previous generation iPhone 4G proves to be more efficient and cost effective on comparison to iPhone 4s and iPhone5

Who needs more speed when fast enough exists and a long phone that doesn’t fit in most previous accessories same goes for changing the perfect standardized USB I-connector

The bigger screen is designed for streaming movies and they improved the terrible wireless streaming capabilities of previous iPhones, a sign leading that iPhone production is moving from professional to gaming in design

Correct usage of external batter case

Regardless what the usual user guides state
The iPhones lithium battery should be charged only when fully discharged and never mid road

While discharging keeping the case turned on will effectively Conserve the iPhone’s battery but turning the switch on while you have over 20% power will over burn the cells with time.

Thanks to iPhones power management system the iPhone switches and operates on external power automatically when the battery is full and you’re still plugged in to charger.

If both the iPhone and battery case are discharged, make sure to charge them separately, this will better preserve the batteries as well notably decrease charging time to as low as 20 minutes.

As a personal practice I turn on the external battery only when I’m low on battery and need power on the go.

I put up the case outdoors only since it has a very good protection rare but increases the iPhone weight up to double, which makes it a bit in convenient where protection and power are available on the spot example: carpets and wall sockets.


One thought on “iPhone 4 review and proper use of external battery case

  1. Nice case, but I would recommend the Pong Research iPhone case over this. I read that the cell phones emit a non-ionizing form of electromagnetic radiation; radiation which can be absorbed by the tissues and cells which come into close contact with the phone. That’s why I did research and found a case that can reduce radiation exposure. In the end though, I found a couple of reviews of Pong Research ‘s cases, that convinced me to give it a try. This case is built with an antenna in between layers of the back cover, which reduce exposure to radiation. Because Pong is the only technology proven in FCC-certified laboratories to reduce the exposure to mobile device radiation by up to 95% below the FCC limit without compromising the device’s ability to communicate.


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