Jordan is over


The recent changes in this country’s economical and governmental structure have led to an irreversible chain of events that will end up with destruction

The constant increase of taxes and prices is considered the only option for saving the country from going bankrupt

Levels of corruption went so high it surpasses all laws and involves high ranking citizens and the royal family as well

A professor stated that stopping the corruption at this point will cause an uproar by the corrupt themselves, the corrupt people have grown financially powerful and the country prefers the uproar of the poor which seems to be less devastating than a government coup

The new laws of censorship and financial restrictions as well as freedom of speech oppression are pushing the people to cause riot

The government beloved that with censorship they can prevent riots and having people father together using social networks such as Facebook

The banning of importing cars older than 5 years forces to drain citizens finds on purchasing ridiculously expensive cars. (due to 200%+ customs tax)

New laws are also being pushed regarding income tax for the majority of population of people who gain salaries as poor as 2000Jds a year!

Homelessness has increased to irrational levels and unemployment is increasing over 25% of the country’s population

One of main outsourced incomes for the country, tourism has heavily decreased during 2011-2012

Many companies of diffident fields are either closing or downsizing.

The crime rate has never been higher from pity theft and gun fights to high robberies from within the government

The world index has declared this Jordan’s state as “unstable”

Note: this article now violates the new Jordan law of censorship and may be removed without notice, please save a copy and reference.


What are your thoughts on this?

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