Super Web Browser

Click here to Download Super Web Browser

I bet you’ve always wondered around the internet for a stupid-simple browser that you can use to show-case items, or provide customers with internet-related experience that’s fast, plugin free, with nothing but a URL and a Window..

Super Browser (EXACTLY) does just that, stripped of all functionality it uses the currently installed IE engine for rendering and cookies so you can at anytime switch to IE and continue where you started!

The Super Web Browser works way faster than most today’s browsers and with IE9+  installed it easily surpasses the legendary chrome.

But this is not a win since chrome makes it with its full featured browser, and this browser is just a URL and a window.



Super Web Browser is created solely on C++ in a simple “NOOB STYLE” code without any modifications or alternate features. it entirely depends on IE engine and it’s preferences.


The program is provided as is without any warranty, GMX Company and Dinoraptor101 are not responsible for any errors  resulted from use or misuse of the following software.


Created by ( Geniy3Dmax ) and exclusively available on this blog only

All rights reserved, Dinoraptor101, other trademarks and content reserved to its respective owners 🙂

Click here to Download Super Web Browser



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