Fraud in Jordan (includes real victim testimonies!)



Disclaimer / General Notice: this post is intended to increase awareness and warn fresh business men and workers residing in Amman – Jordan about a known fraud and in no way to be taken offensive whether towards a group or an individual, if you do not understand this notice, stop reading this article immediately. *Note: this article is based on an employee‘s experience, and not to be treated as legal proof / statement of any kind *


The following is a statement provided by a victim from Jordan

during my experience working with Majdi Jawdat Yaghmour, founder of Compu-Hub, he had not pay me my salary including my social compensation fees upon my leave, without any reason.

and taught me a hard lesson that he is a liar, thief, and a fraudulent person.


he had made false promises and endless excuses to avoid payment with me and many other employees working for him, I regret to admit that every single employee who had worked with Majdi Yaghmour, was extremely dissatisfied, unpaid, and in some cases taken to court, he abuses the Jordanian government with his resourceful connections to convict people, as well as Majdi’s contractors and industrial clients such as Al-Wafi Medical Group, suffered petty theft, hardware replacement, faulty service, and false pricing.

Majdi Yaghmour has also engaged in income tax evasion on daily basis, and indirectly threatened his employees should they not obey him in actions that may have been illegal.

Most of Majdi Yaghmour’s employees worked under paid, un-contracted. and stripped of most (if not all) human and workmanship rights assigned by Jordanian law.


I strongly advise any businessmen or financiers to be careful when dealing with Jordanian business men ESPECIALLY avoid Mr.Yaghmour, and expect acts such as but not limited to fraud, deceit, forgery / falsification, tax evasion, etc…



This is but one of the many testimonies I gathered as in my time spent there, unfortunately this is the case with every almost every small-market business found in Jordan, connections allow people to unjustly evade tax and break rules to infinite extents such as blackmail, and in some rare cases theft and murder.

Not only it eliminates the fair competition in the market but it violates and abuses employees but it leads to more crime and unemployment.

Someone someday should put a stop to all this, that is why those who are in power to do so have the responsibility to use that power for the better of mankind.






Published under the international freedom of the press, and freedom of speech statements



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