Had a great conversation with a stranger O_O

ImageYou’re chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!

Question to discuss:
Discuss why atheism is destroying society. Atheist positions are not wanted. (To atheists: I will get the last word on my Tumblr, so don’t bother)

You: reading..

You: Don’t disconnect ๐Ÿ˜

Stranger: aethism is saving the society

Stranger: no i wont , ๐Ÿ™‚

You: Hmm okay..

You: so Athiesm is proving a point..

You: that religion is man made.

You: but it’s disproving the existence of God.

You: which is kinda contradicting since science exists.

You: Oh and stranger.

You: I know you will not believe me.

Stranger: yes

You: but I saw it all..

You: the beginning and the end.

Stranger: am not an atheist

You: the big explosion to whip our solar system.

Stranger: but i believe in common sense

You: we have no future…. but all what we have ..

You: is NOW and today.

You: and we should be thankful for our existance.

Stranger: which explosion are u talking abt ?

You: existence.. =] use it and learn it.

You: I can see things ..

You: I saw the end of Earth.

Stranger: slow down….

You: I dreamt it .. ^_^

You: like I understood god.. the superior intellect.. and the body of space.

You: the retraction system.. and cosmological constant that stabilizes Einstein’s relativity into space..

You: what we know of science.. is a mere scratch from the surface.

Stranger: do u have any proof ? or you too will ask me to believe you coz i cant contradict u ?

You: there’s so much in existence that requires “logic” to reach and not senses..

You: O.O I have proof.

You: Do you look at stars at night?

Stranger: yes

You: Everything that has a beginning has an end…

Stranger: we know that

You: A bigger system depends on smaller systems to be born and killed in it to survive.

You: this our cell regeneration..

You: is based on the same system space uses galaxies and solar systems to survive.

You: We are the few “logical” beings who can get out of the system.

You: learn about it and survive it’s crashes and jump .. to eventually act as the immune system of the universe.

You: O_O too much info?

Stranger: so what is your point.. no no i like to hear u more

You: the point is.. God exists.

You: whether you choose to believe or not.. there’s a higher logical intelligent being responsible for creating YOU

You: and it depends on YOU to do your purpose..

You: to learn, progress, and survive..

Stranger: god as in a more powerful system , i agree to that. But i dont agree that he will come to me and save me if i pray all day long

You: Pray? that’s crap dude.

You: God is right there!!

You: go and talk to him lmao

You: The closest approach to god… is understanding that everything that has energy.

You: is connected to it.

You: like our brain to our organs and cells.

You: if a cell has a problem.. it can tell the brain

You: the brain will send help and heal the wound.

You: O..O remember… Learn — Progress – Survive.

You: the purpose of humans.

Stranger: but how do you explain the gods made up by the religions on this planet

Stranger: thats is crap to me

You: and stop cutting penises and praying to a man walking on water for FFS >_>

You: lol

You: Religions are made up by humans

You: Jesus saw what I saw.

You: he tried to explain it to sick people.

You: the sick people mis understood.. and made business.

You: O.O with bible and stuff.

You: the natural greed and envy took over.

You: You want religion? here’s one.. O.O “stars”

Stranger: and one more thing, if you call the higher system “God” , these religions will start validating themselves that there is indeed jesus and his father…

You: Well my father is god too in that case.

You: and I’m a Jesus .. O.O

You: Jesus is a normal human!!

You: actually.. more human than humans ..

You: >_>

You: You don’t want to “sin”

You: then don’t LOL

You: The system isn’t god.

You: God is an intellect..

You: it’s “part” of the system it created.

You: to sustain existance.

You: existence *

Stranger: then the god must have its own god too by this arguement

You: Our god.. follows it’s own god.. in a god system O.O who actually depends on back on our god.

You: well technically yes.. O_O

You: But it’s god business.

You: We have to fix our own animal – human conflict now.

You: stop being greedy and start educating outselves.

You: ourselves *

Stranger: thats the solution to most of the problems

You: this human nonsense.. of business and politics.. is giving me a hard time on earth.

You: Well don’t think of it as a problem.

You: it’s more like a game.

You: O.O it’s not logical to you don’t touch it until you know what you’re dealing with

You: or you will break it!!

You: No humans have to use OIL..

You: they have to cut penises.

You: and use radio

You: and throw trash in oceans.

You: ๐Ÿ˜ what happens when you turn your own planet into a huge pile of crap and you can’t leave it?

You: especially that humans.. whiped all the other beings.. responsible to cleaning up their crap lol

You: I see something so horrible coming, a human mass suicide..

Stranger: calm down

Stranger: ๐Ÿ™‚

You: O..O Can you calm down?

Stranger: yes i am calm, i don’t worry about the uncontrollable

You: The more you know the worse you see the world around you

You: Well it’s all controllable.

You: the horrible idea that you’re born a slave into an artificial system made by humans..

You: to let you focus on money.. and forget the real life you were born n.

You: makes me sick ๐Ÿ˜ฆ -pukes-

Stranger: ok time out….. i have a question ๐Ÿ™‚

You: okay sure!!

You: I love questions.. I usually have the answers ๐Ÿ˜€

Stranger: Are you John from Alabama ? i met you here on saturday ๐Ÿ™‚

You: No .

You: I’m Mike..

You: I was born in Arabia.

You: I moved to Russia, Ukraine.. and ended up here in Virginia

You: O..O and I’m very old.. I just look young

Stranger: My friend John had similar views on the system

You: Is there a John who knows stuff like me?

You: O_O I’m so glad someone can share my thoughts.

You: sometimes it feels you’re the only awaken on Earth.

You: makes you feel really lonely.

You: as everyone is blind and busy eating hormone food.

You: and mopping floors for other humans.

You: etc.. it’s pethetic. so many minds.. never get to operate..

You: :S

Stranger: thats the easy way to live their lives, they feel so

You: Live?

You: O_O That’s no human life!!

You: that’s a life of a cockroach!!

You: we’re higher intellects

Stranger: But you do agree right that you can’t enforce your way of thoughts on others

You: our job is research and development

You: No I can’t.

You: Because the mind wouldn’t accept at some point.

You: when I tried to explain god to teachers and doctors when I was 12

You: I was a laughing stock.

You: because understanding something that’s not common sense.

You: or giving and instant result of the equation without the process

You: doesn’t make sense

You: you need to let the mind process and find out.. and conclude.. and go through the entire process to get the answer.. = 1

Stranger: So as we know, the best way to preach is by being an example. If you expect people to do something by telling them, not going to work

You: No no no you want to be an example.. you risk your life for that example.

You: don’t give in to greed..

You: don’t trash the planet..

You: count every breath doing something useful for that example…

You: you can’t help people..

You: unless they ask you for it first.

You: My life span is short I can only help a couple 1000s of people.. not the entire 7 billion.

You: ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Stranger: i said, be an example.in the sense you start with yourself. You sure you are what you want others to be ?

You: O.O not really.. I’m not a best

You: I expect others to be far better.

Stranger: but thats not the right way… u dont control others

You: No I don’t..

You: if you don’t come for me I won’t bother you

You: If you’re curious I let you know like I did.

Stranger: u control urself for sure, so you be a better person

You: Problem with people is they don’t know they can control so much

You: people are controlled today by other people.

You: with power.. tyranny and money.. starvation, wars.. missery.

You: we wasted thousands of years..

You: by today we should have realized and matures as a species..

You: that we belong… to a system.. and we should stand together and stop eating on each other.

Stranger: we are divided my friend, we have divisions

You: we have many opinions.

You: but we share, limbs, purpose, time, space, vision, needs, wants, and goals.

You: that can be very easy to complete if we were a team.

You: Like bees.

Stranger: but we need purpose

You: Learn progress and survive.

You: O_O See it..

You: not with eyes..

You: with awareness..

You: It’s a purpose so hard.. and it’s a competition all logical beings are fighting over..

Stranger: but saving a religion, country appears far more fun to people ๐Ÿ™‚

You: far more visible to eyes.

You: to satisfy greed. feed families.

You: it allows governments..

You: it allows smarter people to rule over hard working people.

You: it allows 1 person to control 12 who control 120 who control ( commettee of 300 ) who control secret clubs.

You: that control different nations..

You: O_O this entire human race is controlled by a handful of human beings..

You: who are not human at all!!

You: all they seek is tyranny, slavery, sex, drugs, money, and keeping more people stupid..

You: this is bad use of intelligence.

You: … you don’t eat your own species!

You: we will lead our species to extinction..

You: even an 8th grader today will give you the same result on the current equation

Stranger: but learn progress survive is too broad, give us something specific that we can contribute

You: Learn = genetics, maths, control, technology.. virtualization ( games ) to telekinesis and telepathy. and paranormal powers.. precognition.. foresight.. flying without wings.. breathing without air.. controlling beyond flesh.. use more senses that naturally posessed.

Stranger: But you have to be real, i’ll give you an example

You: Progress, take over more planets, alter genetic structure, expand intelligence, live longer, create a system in a system to achieve immortality. etc…

You: O.O sure give me an example. I find it hard to explain

Stranger: i live in india,hell lot of poverty and hunger. Now no matter what you do people will think from their stomach and not from their brains. And when the majority lives like that, you realistically cant expect things to change anytime soon

You: ๐Ÿ˜ฆ if not soon than never.

You: you must be angry at those who starve you

You: A government that doesn’t protect you.. and kills you instead.

You: is not a government..

You: People are poor.. because they choose to be poor.

You: because they give up

You: because they don’t know.. that THEY are the very essence that give value to money..

You: if money doesn’t feed you.. go grow your own vegges.

You: If the government doesnt give you means to survive.. build your own houses.

Stranger: but thats exactly the point my friend, an empty stomach wont let you think all this

You: Well it will.. at some point..

You: it’s encoded in our genes.

You: we won’t be monkeys.

You: not for long.

You: Come to USA.

You: People are the same lazy lifeless.. mortals.

You: satisfied by their limited ambitions..

You: I’m starving too.

You: but it’s beyond hunger..

You: ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

You: Friend.. the entire human race.. depends on YOU

You: you’re thinking has the power to change entire lives.

You: 80% of people will refuse to listen.

You: %10 percent of people will actually understand what’s said.. and only 3% of the entire human race do something about it.

Stranger: I read a blog, someone in USA, he says the solution to poverty is make the poor impotent. sterilization, within one generation we’ll get rid of all the poverty and hunger. SHould I listen to such people too ?

You: Nope.

You: O.O the poor make the rich richer.

You: you want to solve the problem?? here” give money and expiration date.

You: so only those who work hard can get something out of their work.

You: so the lazy faggots upstairs . start working too.

Stranger: hey thats a very nice thought, i really liked it ๐Ÿ™‚

You: it will eliminate the ability to accumilate greed.. and take over power.

You: O_O yeah I solved that equation a couple years ago

You: but .. >_> do you really think people with power are okay with leaving it?

You: Soviet Union tried that.. the system actually worked!!

You: people instantly became genius!! future.. progression .. space rocketed!!

Stranger: but people will find a loophole somehow, but it will definitely make people work harder.

You: but they were weak.. humans gave it to greed and envy.. and destroyed their system

You: people who lived in Soviet system will tell you know how beautiful it was.

You: where everyone worked for everyone.. no one was rich but everyone had everything!!

Stranger: is there any article about it on wikipedia, a term for such a system ?

You: books. cars, knowledge, good grown food… voice..

You: O.O Soviet Communism << Google it.

You: but the system is not perfected.. because it was corrupted by people seeking greed in the higher levels.

You: The fish rots from it’s head I’m afraid . ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

You: nevertheless it was a good attempt.

You: USA system however encourages individual rights.

You: which is if you work hard you get somewhere.

Stranger: it can be tried in a private company, but starting with a country would be difficult

You: O_O here’s my tip.

You: NEVER work for someone

You: work for yourself.

You: and never forget .. learn progress and survive.

You: learn to make a company..

You: make one!! then make many!!

You: and your children will take over them

You: YOu know what fun about purpose?

You: God programmed us.

You: he was so genius.. he made it simple.

You: Just like animals.. whatever the purpose is.. whether you know it or not, you already make it by your existence ..

You: that’s why I hope , expect, depend and know that humans will surpass me. eventually..

You: but time is against us…

You: every purpose has a deadline.

You: and the teacher is about to give us an “F”

You: O_O -acts like a doomsdayer- lol

You: I am so saving this conversation ^^ I never was allowed to talk that much

Stranger: i know , happens to me a lot. finding people with similar way of thinking is difficult.. i’ll be honest, even though I can’t process all of it because of lack of experience in life, i like listening to people

You: O..O do you want something nice to live by?

You: Code of Dinotopia by James Gurney..

You: it doesn’t make much sense but it keeps you sane in this insane world ^^

Stranger: will get a copy if its available here ๐Ÿ™‚


Survival of all or none
One drop raises the sea level
Weapons are enemies even to their owners

Give more take less
Observe , listen and learn
Others first self last
Do one thing at a time.

You: Sing everyday
Exercise imagination
Eat to live don’t live to eat
D….. ( unknown, free slot for evolution if you ask me ๐Ÿ˜› )

You: It’s all puzzles you have to understand the meaning behind the words ^_^”

Stranger: You know i’m very sad these, person on whom i depended a lot left me, and i am trying to get into a college for past 2 years but no luck there too. But I guess life is way beyond this. I need to understand more.

You: O_O count the breaths..

You: Do you count them?? that’s the birth and death of millions of micro forms

You: with a single chemical reaction..

You: they’re dying so you can live.

You: Don’t die for another human.. please don’t.

You: not like this…

Stranger: no no i am not that weak.

You: every second you have is given to you by other beings..

Stranger: just learning more from my experiences

You: I hope I didn’t flood you :$

You: just sharing some of “my experience” with you

You: >_O and DON’T SMOKE!!

Stranger: I dont ๐Ÿ™‚ btw the John was high on weed when we talked last time ๐Ÿ™‚

Stranger: the strabger John*

You: O_O weed is healthier than cigarette.

You: you know government bans everything that can put it in danger.

Stranger: You smoking that too right now ? ๐Ÿ˜€

You: Nope..

You: I’m actually crazy.

Stranger: me too ๐Ÿ™‚

You: I’m obsessed with thing.

You: always buy expensive stuff.. never collect money.. avoid greed ..

You: Always avoid people like plague.

You: I’m okay with being hungry.

You: as long as I”m away from humans.

You: O_O

You: I love music.

You: :3

You: Do you love music?

Stranger: i hope i’ll meet you someday ๐Ÿ™‚ but hey you’ll stay away from me too ๐Ÿ˜€

You: O_O Don’t be a mortal.

You: be yourself.

You: Don’t bow to greed, or listen to to nonsense >..< you know the truth yourself!!

You: it’s your equation!!

Stranger: i dont listen to it anymore, makes me sad. now i am working on myself. i am starting to love myself so that i can be happy with just me

You: eliminate chaos..

You: O…O good for you.. I don’t know what happy is.

You: I fake it to make those close to me comfortable.

You: I can’t be happy in this deep depressing destructive world.

You: O_O until every single human is happy and educated, sustained and alive.

You: I will not smile.

You: O…O crazy.

Stranger: but u r in the system… chained by it. what r u doing to come out of it ?

You: Nope I broke it..

Stranger: how ?

You: 1 – Don’t depend on money…

You: 2 – work for yourself… not for others.

You: 3 – follow the priority ( inner peace , then everything else )

You: that’s it for now O///O

You: if you don’t have inner peace.. then everything is not important.

Stranger: how are u not dependent on money ?

You: O..O by not being afraid of staying outside.. homeless hungry.. or even die.

You: I rather die being ME than being something else.

You: O__O Money don’t apply to me.. my WILL does..

You: and I’m not giving that for greed and envy..

You: and I tell people who tell me that..

You: they call me crazy…

You: but when alone with themselves.. they wonder.. if I was right.

Stranger: and even if they dont wonder, you should stick to your thoughts

You: I may only play a very small unimportant 10 minutes in your life.. but how useful those minutes I have sacrificed… and killed for you is up to you..

You: Yes friend.

You: Inner peace.. YOU… because without yourself.. nothing else matters… :/

Stranger: i feel as if God is talking to me ๐Ÿ˜€ this is how it happens on TV shows ๐Ÿ™‚

You: Food? money? envy greed power.?? it all comes and goes.. easy to achieve.

Stranger: awakening…

You: O_O well I can solve that..

You: Equation is .. God sends you signal that you’re bored and therefore should come to omegle.

You: he programs me that I”m fed up and I should feel to help some people.

You: O.O we meet.. we talk.. we exchange information.. like slugs.

You: and now we part away.. give it different processes… and come up with different results.

You: like P2P torrent engines.

You: Remember.. I killed a zillion micro being.. for you

You: O..O Time to learn progress and survive..

You: -hugs-

You: Love you

Stranger: )

Stranger: wait

You: what? >_O

Stranger: i need your email id,

You: Oh oh ..

You: okay.. i@dinoraptor101.com

Stranger: thanks.. i’ll remember you when I lose sight of things

You: Oh sure … ๐Ÿ˜€

You: Don’t lose sight of my email ^^”

Stranger: i have saved it ๐Ÿ™‚

You: Just in case.. you can google Dinoraptor101 and you’ll find me

You: I think I slacked off a lot everywhere..

You have disconnected.


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