A modest letter to APPLE (available in Apple community forums)

Apple ,Inc


Hello everyone,

This is my first post here at Apple Community Forum and I would like to share some ideas that I had for the past 5 years.

needless to say I tried to sell I tried to suggest them to other top corporations and as they turned down every concept my words fell on deaf ears..

But I tell you to expect a lot our of the following:

Idea #1:

The next generation handheld should be of smooth shape similar to a soap of bar, a first ever fully coated display design

no plugs or cavities for anything at all.

Today’s technology allows us to create this with full confidence.. as cameras can be hidden behind the screen where part of the phone’s surface can turn off to allow the camera to operate..

Bluetooth technology can allow connecting virtually any peace of accessory from speakers, to transferring SIM card information in to the phone’s SIM chip firmware!

Wireless charging? Nokia Lumia has it.. but an iPhone should be able to do with an (under the screen) solar battery!! YAY!!  ( engineers can make any idea happen, they just know too much to think of something unfamiliar   here’s the heads up!! )

Oh did I mention “fully damage and water DIVING proof” capabilities?  YES!! a shell that does not have cavities and doesn’t need battery replacement ( since batteries last 5 years is a period long enough for people to change phones in the first place. ) can make a fully DIVER Proof phone.

Also multiple cameras can project the images and make the first truly “Optical camouflage” INVISIBILITY cloak, awesome for Anti-Theft..

Want to find it back.. how about voice activated call out like..   YO GIZMO!!!     =__=  I know easy to make..  yet no one does it!

Idea  #2

Suggestions Following 2013 Keynote:

Apple please create a think tank.. which is “Idea engineering” because I regardless of creation powers you lack ideas. no offense

but having and “idea engineering” team.. is something no one has ever heard off yet it can pull of into a new way

of developing future technology Separate staff of gizmo testers.. and college students to come up with ideas!

put the engineers aside.. let’s take a look at the future from younger generation’s point of view!

I love the depth view idea in iOS 7..  I came up with it looking through the window a couple of months ago. I hope it’s implemented in X-CODE as well allowing multiple apps to fit MORE SPACE into SMALLER DISPLAY cool right?

The new Cylindrical computer is awesome… but the fat guy “can’t invent anymore my ass” said ASS!!

With all due respect to the late Steve Jobs “may he rest in peace” would have told you to forget the keyboard and mouse! although the keyboard is still super convenient for notebooks I’d love to have a notebook shaped double screened iPAD! that will have mat I can set up custom keyboard layouts.. custom buttons on..  and re-size my touch pad..  or even drag projections to and from the top display and the surface display!!  Picture it.. you can make it.

that’s a 20 years leap worth of tech.. would easily sell as a new touch display with fire wire/wireless integration capabilities.

And since it’s TOUCH.. and that means.. let’s focus on drag and drop to do more.

and therefore forget “menu bars”  because you should be able to share things to your iPhone or ipad. just by throwing the stuff at the direction of the item

if in “reach” of the MAC..  or simply assign edges to respective devices! (ie:  left for iPhone right for ipad.. top for Apple TV.  etc. )

iOS gives the impression it’s chasing the graphics rich “android” experience now.

I had hoped that iOS 7 would have also implamented at least some effort into power saving as the MAC OS did as well.

Microsoft has issued a (((life threatening technology))) “kinect” and you have done so far “0” about distance control.

which is FAR COOLER THAN TOUCH!!!  please start working on it before it’s too late.

Augmented reality hasen’t been integrated into MAPS or iOS operating system yet. could be a turning point in GPS navigation, advertisements, and search.

I would have loved my devices to know my house’s layout. and where they are in the house.  ( Please make an iHouse )

as well as where am I in order to direct microphone frequency and noise cancellation ( possible with surround input w/ multiple microphones) in addition to

tracking cameras and even better.. TRACKING DISPLAYS!! so I can see my recipe as I move around the kitchen!!

( possible with a motion motor ipad doc with integrated sensor(s) )

Idea #3

PRIVACY!!   please emphasize that the government does NOT have access to our iCloud    because there has been LOTS of questions about PRISM protocol and we hate it when politics hinder innovation, and casts fear upon its own people..  I can’t trust my passwords to iCloud with ease until I’m sure they are safe.. and LOCALLY ENCRYPTED..   ( learn from Last Pass )

I would also love to see where did Apple move with ANKI!

will they actually develop Jobs’ dream “iCAR” in collaboration with ANKI?

May also suggest a new shout for Apple =)

APPLE …. Technology that matters.

Thank you very much for this opportunity and yes, I take no credit for any ideas, I just would love to see them happen in my life time


What are your thoughts on this?

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