Playstation 4 and Xbox One are a total disappointment

Well my current opinion on the next generation gaming consoles is as follows…

Allow me to share my humble opinion when I expect a next 10 year ruling console I expect, a new revolutionary overall gaming experience and a huge hardware expansion that brings the next decade technology and development room to us.

Previously Ps3 got us the bluray and stunning network gaming with big graphics improvement over previous generation consoles

But today ?? Both these consoles SUCK ASS!!

why ? Let me explain.

1 – graphics did not improve ( some polishing here and there same engine, rendering and concept)

2 – gameplay is still Mario style or classic ,shoot ,climb ,drive concepts, no improvement on any accelerometer ,gyroscope or ,augmented reality , concepts what so ever.

Xbox is still basically 360 hardware with a better kinect firmware, and some fancy pants upgrades.

3 – no new technology just a ridiculous $50 worth ram and spec upgrade?

4 – shame ps4 lags on demo!!! Good sign lol

5 – both have No advantages over PC / Wii whatsoever!

Conclusion is


If Xbox could be hacked its a better purchase than PS4

But current state I STICK TO PS2,3 and Xbox 360

Fuck this industrial SCAM. ( excuse my tongue )

EVEN ANDROID OUYA beats both of them in a heart beat LOL


What are your thoughts on this?

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