A Random post



Dear readers and fellow subscribers,

It has been a while since I wrote anything worth your while on my personal blog, I therefore thought about writing a personal note here hopefully it will be a fun read.

a couple months ago I have “not quite celebrated” my 24th birthday and I took a deep look at my past and where am I today.

along this empty uneducated life that I have endured, there have been not many ideas, not many skills, and certainly not many changes or improvements.

out side my computer my life does not require me to research, pick up new skills, or improve in anyway as I have to work hard and make money until I pay the debts and complete the responsibilities my parents had failed to accomplish for me.

I have lost about half of my life span now, and I’m only beginning to have a plan for my life, slowly waking up from my deep slumber in a battle of sorrow and despair.

In today’s world no one wants friends, no one trusts, nothing matters except money.

sadly being a person of an ancient principle I see the truth before everything, I see past the greed, tyranny, abuse, and the terrible world I live in. I seek the means to change this world to a better place for my and everyone’s children… something money can’t do.

I believe that a single person can change the world.

and I believe what Mr. Snowden did is heroic he stands to the oppression of a government that acts against the people yet masks it’s actions on their behalf.

a government is formed by the people and should represent and protect them.

And not having a hidden agenda keeping it’s people in the shadow, running propaganda and funding terrorism.





What are your thoughts on this?

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