Understanding Feminism



Personally during my experience working with feminists, I would classify feminism under 3 main branches

1 – Those who struggle to survive independently from males in their lives, and consider males useless beings in modern life ( Modern Feminists )

2 – Those who simply seek equal rights and responsibilities between male and female and fight for equality and balance. not empowering or underestimating the opposite sex. ( Equality Feminists )

3 – Those who don’t have that big of attention and seek personal satisfaction out of being a female, mainly focusing on their usefulness as mothers and emotional creatures, they do not interfere with social or cultural communities( Peaceful Feminists )

Feminists all together are about illuminating female importance as both sexual, emotional beings, and a great contributors to society as equal and if not even “better” than their opposing gender “males”

Females totally forget the males are particularly useful at a handful of tasks such as ambition, progress, inspiration, practicality, and manual labour.

In my opinion the greatest gifted contribution to being a female is being able to re-produce more males, and preserve life.

Males greatest gifted contribution,is objective obsession to knowledge which leads to innovation
and of course the physical strength and endurance to manual labour.

Non of the both sexes can survive independently

Even if a whole-male race found a way to reproduce, they will lack creativity, passion,and multi-perspective intelligence, and life beauty


Even if a whole-female race found a way to reproduce, they will lack performance, practicality, obsessive innovation, and life energy.


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