Inspirational reponse of mine at BlahTherapy

“An inspirational comment I made on BlahTherapy today.  ( Original Post )


Mr Edward said and I quote “Everyone is sick of me, everyone leaves me, What am I living for”



And I respectfully replied:


It’s the question that drives us Edward…. WHY is to “everyone gets sick of you, everyone leaves you… ” ?
This is what you’re living for.. to find the answer.. to find the “why”

And it will be a complicated process to answer one of the greatest question and sources of human intelligence…
in the end it will be as simple as a flower’s blossom in spring…

You’re here to “Progress” Mr Edward, you are here because you worn born into a world of abomination and you’re here to make things right.. to educate billions of their wrongs yet be as gentle humble and flawless..

you’re here to be AWESOME… and you will smile at anger… dare at fear.. find the little positive in the great negative..
and then “everyone will be inspired by you, everyone will feel special with you and you will barely have the time to meet them al as they crowd you… you will live to ultimately make friends, and be kind… it will satisfy you.. it will answer you the greatest wonder of this existence…. LIFE….


What are your thoughts on this?

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