Subtle depression article written 5 months ago

Please do not take what’s written as a negative aspect it is but a point of view approaching facts of today’s life in a negative overreaction.


Thanks to humans, Life is utter garbage a depressing cycle of greed.
Humans killed everything in it, Life is just Sex, money, sex, money.. And nothing else
The only thing worth waiting for is death.
I might as well take the short road and save myself the torture.

We abuse the goods of the past to fool ourselves into the ugly present.
And people like to lie to themselves.
Grow up with violence, vengeance, greed, ugliness.
Humans are ugly, all of them.
I’m ugly too …
No matter how pretty on the outside. Or wonderful on the inside.
I’m ugly because I’m scarred for life by the countless battles.


What are your thoughts on this?

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