My approach to self improvement


Quoted from a comment of mine to my friend.

“Exactly, and you should actually learn to separate what you are from what you want to be, and filter the bad points in you and keep the good ones.. to better your quality..

Think of yourself as a company, and this company needs to attract customers (people) some of those can become partners ( friends ) some of those can become employees ( followers )  but the basis of any company and it’s marketing is to attract people around them..

and to do that.. you need to always have 2 things!    Product Quality , and Affordability


Product Quality: Every person is essentially a production factory, they work, study, research, create, and produce more work, more results.    those results must all have “quality” standing right behind each of them to better the image of the company ( YOU )


While most people intend to filter their connections to those of their interests a successful company ( person ) will reach everyone to be reached by everyone, to deliver and display their product to maximum amount of potential customers who can become future followers and even partners!



What are your thoughts on this?

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