The Constitution of the Internet

When the internet was invented as a TCP/IP Connection between computers it was a very great invention by “Tim Berners Lee

The giant leap of computer communication jumped our technology hundreds of years, we may not realize it but the internet stands today behind the incredible rapid advancing we’re living in, it also opened ideas beyond the comprehension of humans as species.

It presents the opportunity that we can operate together for a selfless shared progress we call “Open-Source”


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Sadly the internet is falling apart as it’s becoming a monetized industry, and technology giants seek to control it, sadly not realizing that the internet cannot be controlled, and their attempts will eventually result in the destruction of human’s single most advanced progress machine.

The Internet is known by the following standards.

1 – Each connected computer has access to every another computer on the network “without any obstructions”

2 – Each connected computer can publish and make available their own presence on the internet.

3 – Everything on the internet is “FREE” and can’t be sold or regulated, only “service” can be charged.

4 – The Connection to the internet should cost no more than the connection to a landline service. ( up to 1/10th of AVG Salary )

5 – The Internet doesn’t belong to any government or country, and no rules of any apply to it.

6 – The Internet’s security is the responsibility of the user, computer and OS manufacturer, there can be no internet police, or law enforcement such as DMCA or more.

7 – Should the internet of any country block a single website, it’s instantly recognized as a “limited internet” AKA “Intranet” which is what most governments offer today, “I can’t agree that there’s a single person who has access to the World Wide Web anymore”

Giant corporations like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft grew up because of this technology, and they’re afraid of competition. that is why they want to close the gate by buying of every potential competition and settings patent and copyright rules over the digital free world.

I hope you realize this and start doing something about it… before it’s too late. or your children and their children will never enjoy those moments where each one of us believed and felt the existence of world where anything was once possible.

Regards, Dinoraptor101


What are your thoughts on this?

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