Technology abuse. (Editing)

Today’s technology marketing falls among the most unethical business practices.

with many abuses of the consumers inability to modify products as they like.

Software:  we all know that software are programs that are built once and sold multiple times to many users in this case a useful software can be as cost the developer no physical material or shipping expenses and therefore should be as cheap as a few dollars (at most).    But look at Microsoft office today

The professional office ($400) : 
– buyers are never eligible for upgrades they always have to buy the full new version
– buyers cannot buy part of the suite. And for one program they need to repurchase full suites

Those methods are abusive and there should be an. Ethical standard that would force all corporations to offer upgrades for customers owning the same product as well as customers right to buy sole products (only what they need) and not be forced to pay for stuff they don’t need.

As for cheaper software such as mobile apps

Some software must be repurchased on different platforms. Ie, buy on android,  buy again for iOS,
DI’d you upgrade you’re system or hardware? Buy the same thing for HQ. Althoughdevelopers could add the extra few lines of code and textures to the original app.

A customer who owns the a software must have the right to different versions of the same product to match his or her  hardware. This is another form of software abuse.

Forced ads: we all know that the biggest digital rapist today is Mark Zuckerberg, giving so much power to one person is always a mistake,not only did we lose our privacy. But we also lost our real life interaction.and gave birth to a new business model. That as long as a business provides a free service they can always justify every abuse or demand for the free service they provide. Through EULA.

Basically a consumer pays with his time and attention when watching ads. And with free products it is understandable. But it should ALWAYS be optional. The user has the right to rent and/or purchase the product or service period. Otherwise it’s abuse of forced payment of ads.

Paid programs including android products where Google displays ads on their services that you already pay for with your tablet ( yes Samsung and others pay Google for rights to use android services such as play store cloud storage and more. )

Microsoft Windows which is a very over priced software also forces ads through Microsoft services that come with windowsill as Windows media player guide. Skype for windows 8. And Windows live messenger. .

The biggest abuse of forced ads today is our very own television.

You pay for the cable. You pay for the channels. And you pay even more with forced ads. Just to watch a 1.8 hour movie for 3 hours of your day… think about it.

And the most scary part of technology abuse is hardware limitation abuse

And it mainly starts with STORAGE

Whenever a phone or a tablet offers you more storage for 3 tiMrs the price. It costs them only more 5 USD more in that chip which they charge you $200+ for because you can’t weld it by yourself more over they make sure you can’t by programming the board and software not to accept those changes. On purpose.

Storage is storage. Internal or external the USER. Retains the full right to use it as they Want. What android products and Apple do is abuse of storage limitation and use to charge you ridiculous amounts over the same hardware. And for most android products including Samsung I might add ( cheaply made overpriced hardware).

Another hardware limitation is patenting against consumers. And yes if you tweak galaxy gear for all androids use and start selling you ( tweak) kit you will be in jail… basically it means a consumer can toy with his purchase as long as 1 he doesn’t make money from it. 2 it doesn’t become better than the original failed product (that’s why we tweak things in the first place lol)

Internet has even a bigger abuse record and the list covers. Corporations. Governments. And more products against consumers. In selling I read one important quote from my master once.

“There are to outcomes of any process in this life, excuses and results”

I’m afraid that everything governments and companies give the consumer are excuses for legal extortion and unethical abuse of technology.



What are your thoughts on this?

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