Ender’s Game Review 2013





Watched Ender’s Game 2013, and since I read the book I know the movie skipped a LOT of the book.. all the endless battle school incidents the other fights among students,

The movie included the exact same detail depicted in the book it would have been impossible to accomplish without having Orson Scott Card in the production board.

Additionally the movie appeared to come all together in separate pieces from the amount of scenes being cut off.. including that where Ender builds his own float, and safe house back on Earth.

Where he spends quite a time, Ender also is far smarter than shown in the Movie as he understands how Graff used his sister to convince him. As for how the pictures arrived to the computer… the Mind Game computer deflects and recollects information it needs back to Earth. That’s right.. while students didn’t have access to communications the Mind Game computer and board communications were directly connected to Earth.

Also the advanced battle station uses a technology called “ensemble” to communicate to all other battlefields Ender was engaged in, those were other colonies established by the Formics, it’s worth to note that the “Ensemble” is a Formics technology retrieved with the Planet they evicted . Even at that time humans didn’t have the communication technology that could reach such distances.

I’d like to also add the fact that Asa Butterfield was too old for the role.. but nevertheless he played it flawlessly, I couldn’t imagine any other person fitting the role of Ender.

Thank you Orson Scott Card for this wonderful marvellous piece of science fiction, which I consider a rich asset to out literature


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