The Hidden Agenda of “Feminism”

–Editing in progress

Brace yourselves people, this is going to reveal something that will shatter your reality, and understanding of modern feminism and the political agenda behind it.


The following article was sent to me encoded from a trusted anonymous source.

1 – Feminism crushed the concept of feminine dignity, devalued female prettiness, and destroyed the social construct of the lady and lady-like behaviour.

2 – It mocked gentlemanly behaviour. which taught men to focus primarily on sex appeal, therefore changed their own self-conception exclusively into sex objects, which discouraged women from other-than-sex appearance, which reduced the social value and self-worth of less naturally endowed women.

3 – Feminism continues to immobilize women into classes of physical attractiveness, which focuses masculine interest on nines and tens(citation needed), weakens female ability to compete for men on their terms, which encourages women to more easily yield to sex, moreover enables men to avoid living up to female standards and expectations, which turns females toward masculine-style sexual freedom, and uplifts men over women, which makes women second-class which enlarges male dominance, which reduces husband responsibility, and weakens marital compatibility, which disappoints female hopes and dreams, which tears down the family, which threatens the American way of life, which energizes me to write this Blog, and which convinces me that only women can empower their conditions both living among men and with one.”


What are your thoughts on this?

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