Humans Vs. Animals (TED Ideas worth spreading)

Personal comments submitted on the topic “Humans vs. Animals” which I believe many of you would be interested in reading 🙂

Ironic it is, but humans are the only forms of life that distinguish every other life form as “animal”
which makes them the most discriminative creatures in existence today.

Every life form in this world (excluding modern humans) relies on mother Earth to provide all the sources, of food, environment, entertainment, protection and further more.

Therefore in respect to that approach those “animals” tend to be more aware of the natural system than humans can ever be.

They understand laws.. such laws which are encoded into their genetic experiences.

That every strength has a stronger, every smart can be outsmarted, and every birth will end back to Earth.
That the most flawless system is a system that has been developed and patched through it’s flaws the most… those little things such as flowers bloom so precisely measuring the time of day no man made technology today is able to calculate.

The other law of nature humans cannot apprehend is the existence of life force. when George Lucas introduced the Jedi order he meant it to carry a deep message, the message meant that only when humans except the flaw of life will they be able to truly unite with more than their own body.

The final law of nature is survival of the most balanced and not the fittest, ..  in which all aspects prevail in a life form.
beauty, simplicity, strength, wisdom.

Life teaches us one simple outcome over the years..  that although evolution makes us advance each aspect one-at-a-time eventually all other aspects have to follow and a balance will be achieved this is known as “adverse mutation”


If I may explain, in the absence of trouble, a problem has to be caused to trigger a chain of events.

Therefore, in order for humans to unite as species their very existence
should be compromised, and their survival should be challenged.





What are your thoughts on this?

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