Ahsoka Tano speech on corruption and politics

Corruption happens when someone in power. Puts his interests before the interests of the people they represent .

It is a result of greed. A leader sacrifices moral integrity for the sake of money or power. Entire star systems have collapsed into chaos or revolution because their greedy politicians got caught in a cycle of bribery and blackmail. While their people suffered.

The temptation is always there and citizens must be vigilant so corruption cant take root.

The deadliest enemies of the society dwell within its boarders. And from these internal threats. The people need to be protected (but if you don’t trust your leader isn’t that reason? )

its every citizens duty to challenge their leaders. To keep them honest. And hold them accountable if they’re not.

( and how do you do that?) By exposing corrupt officials for what they are. Lasting change can only come from within ..

By Padawn Asoka Tano – Star wars the clone wars S3-E6.



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