A Letter to Demor De Zoldik #05

2014-05-10 23.28.27  

Technology is a fragile evolution and how it evolves today will affect it for years to c


Therefore it is our responsibility to make sure technology evolves in the right direction.

inspired by Steve Jobs.


Dear Demor, I write this and I hope you call.

“Do you believe in the impossible?”

I know I do.

What makes you a miracle is that you give away the very things you lack and thrive to compensate to become loved. to find that person, a shelter you can say “You’re home” to everyday, a place where you belong a place to come back to.

If only your guardians knew what precious creation have they raised. if only I were powerful enough to alter your reality and show you how easy many things come by which seem impossible.

You have been the inspiration of many, yet still you search for someone to inspire you as much. as much I want to thank you back.

I hope I’m as nearly good enough to inspire you, but the person you need the most is the person you see everyday before the mirror.

I’ve learned to admire and value the intelligence in each person, it is good at some things, and terrible at others. what matters more is how you use your gifts regardless what the gift is or how talented it goes. the greatest gift of all is eventually our intelligence. and you’re pretty gifted.


With love, DinoRaptor101


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