Jesus, Love, and our purpose.

JesusloveLove is a magical sum of our relationship experiences, it can never be justified or explained, Oxytocin is merely the mammal hormone that triggers it, I’d like to think of love as the main resource of good intentions. one which doesn’t need justifications to exist.

I had the pleasure of meeting a religious young gentleman earlier today, we had a general discussion and conflicted ideas on religion and faith.
Today’s religion is very limited and far away from faith, it solely relies on the book for answers and preaches the acceptance of human flaws instead of faith in the possible good.

The Message of Jesus.
When I tend to read the bible I tend to understand the morale behind every story, the content matters not much as what the message in between the lines does, “I am the son of man, yet I am the son of god” represents that Jesus came to earth is a living evidence that good can exist in a human being, and we should all nurture and achieve those qualities.

Evil is easy because it is an action we’re encoded to perform in our survival genes, those actions are negative and involve “Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride”, we have reached a stage where we hurt and damage our surroundings and ourselves, nowadays our survival depends on “generosity, settlement, intelligence, patience, hope, and humility” those positive things are valuable especially among those who’ve experienced the negative.
The conflict of good and evil is important for constant change.
If you have lived long enough and studied religions you would understand, regardless of the man-made rules the raw message explains that whatever purpose we humans have, we perform that purpose as long as we go on living, and our greatest of gifts is our power to reasoning.
I’d like to think that we humans are intelligent beings, and our purpose lies in learning, reasoning, discovering and discussing.


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