Love yourself!! – By Miriam on #Blahthrapy

Loving and accepting oneself is not easy. Both society and media constantly attempt to set certain “beauty ideals” and exhort women and men to follow and imitate these ideals.The first thing that you could do is consciously take the decision to love yourself.
You really need to want it or else it’s going to be difficult. Comparing yourself to others certainly doesn’t help.
Everyone is beautiful in his/her own way. Find what makes you unique/different from others.Trust your partner. If he tells you that you are beautiful than it is the case. Why would he lie to you?Also, why don’t you try to look at yourself from a more positive perspective. When you’re in front of the mirror, look at yourself and find the things that you like best.
If you can’t see it at first, ask your partner and try to see yourself through his eyes.A healthy diet and keeping a journal may reinforce the process by putting you in a better and more positive mood.
Bear in mind that this process is gradual. It takes time, nothing will change immediately. You can, for instance, make a list of the things you don’t like and try to transform these “negative” things into positives.
Hopefully the positive list gets longer and longer.Accepting compliments is also healthy. If your partner tells you you’re beautiful, don’t reject it.
Think about it and try to understand it.Believe in yourself! You can do it! Best of luck 🙂 If you need anything, feel free to message me.   – Miriam

What are your thoughts on this?

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