Admiting pain | Circumcision

Click to view image, (Warning, very graphic)

In response to a listener who couldn’t bare the horror… @Blahtherapy

I also studied the psychological impact and I fully expect you to deny me.

because the alternative is to admit the horror..
your mind will fully fight with all excuses possible to justify your condition.. it’s how our minds work..

My dying wish.. is for barbarism to stop, for people to stop raping. suicide bombing, for greed to disappear and for human species to unite.. I have a wish so huge so impossible to achieve within my lifetime.

but if I had the power to be reborn and be spared.. and know that my body belongs to me.

I would give anything ANYTHING to have that.


I lost everything in my life once.. I was a kid.
I was poor.

and I thought to myself “nobody will enslave me”..

that I belong to myself and that was my power..
imagine when I found out. that I was abused before I even knew it.

At age 13 I realized.. my life was a lie.

In my heart I did not believe it..

that god would be wrong and man would be right.

Everything I heard about it felt illogical and unjustified. I was always analytic. I was raised to think this is why we are given brains.

….  Chat disconnected …

For people inerested in circumcision news and death tolls

please visit

Website also has an amazingly accurate illustration guide of a functional mechanics of intercourse (adult content 18+)




What are your thoughts on this?

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