Windows 8.1 Update 1 Offline Upgrade Download

Download WUSA81Update1

INTRODUCTION:I couldn’t find an easy way to install this so I had to track down the packages and create a quick and easy execution method :Dinstallation can take up to 1 hour,  do NOT start anything during the update.(Package number 2 is the longest it takes about 30 minutes by itself.)



Package is built with SFX and lands on your temporary folder, from there it executes a quiet WUSA installation for x64 systems, this package will NOT work for x86, if you’re using x86 version of windows  Please download and use 81Update1_Full Package (More information bellow)

You need at least 3GB on your system partition (Default is C:)

This package only upgrades from Windows 8.1 and will NOT work with Windows 8.





81UPDATE1_FULL PACKAGE for IT Developers

This is a deployment pack for IT Professionals, fully reverse-engineer friendly, it’s 1.31 GB ( 400MB bigger than WUSA81Update1 ) and it supports the following gizmos!

1 – Included a fix for Surface Pen ! KB2968599: This issue addresses a Surface pen and Wacom stylus Windows 8 bug for timely response, callibration, and also fixes the OneNote click and screenshot click features of the Surface Pro 3 Pen!
2 –  Full Architecture Detection! :  That’s right this package has all the support for x64/x86 and ARM-based processors and will automatically choose the appropriate packages for you!
3 – Built in QuickDeploy option for IT Developers:  This is a special AWEOMENESS that’s similar to WUSA81update1 temporary directory deployment, however QuickDeploy script is a smart method that goes half way through the process locally and only deploys the packages it needs saving you over 0.5GB transfer time as well as it cleans it’s own mess! “Note: a QD.bat file 1kb remains for future footprint check, and is safe from improper execution. this file is okay to delete after deployment and found in temporary directory”
4 – Better Verbose view with operation history: That’s right! while it’s a little messy for regular customers having a log that you can scroll up and track operation history is useful for IT developers, such as knowing which packages were installed etc.
5 – Cleaner code for reverse-engineering: The code variable fetch system was desgined to make editing as easy as possible for IT developers! you can simply comment out QuickDeploy, or override processor architecture without having to go through the script!, thou takes a little more space, but proper spacing and cleaner code is made to easier understand the function of each line as you go by 🙂  ENJOY!




WUSA Feature Update Installer packages are a legitimate method designed to help IT staff and engineers to distribute updates across multiple computers, the following were legally obtained and no contents have been modified.

this product is legal all rights reserved Microsoft® Incorportated.

For more information contact me or visit Microsoft Terms of use


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