Mood control

Moods change depending on the environment and that can be anything from smell. Colors. Sounds. Tastes and food

And in turn the brain has a part responsible for our self-defense that releases commands in forms of pheromones.
Those pheromones help us decide if something is pretty or ugly. Disgusting or delicious. Good for us or bad for us.

Based on that another part of the brain carries out an emotional response such as repulsion anger hate aggressiveness and so on.

To control those mood changes you do not need external medicine as our medieval science suggests.

You simply need to expose yourself to countering agents. To relieve stress you can smell lavender or listen to calm music or water

To amplify thinking yo can listen to violin and muted drums. A good balance will give you the right amount of adrenalin with another pheromone that triggers curiosity.

Music is a science on its own.

Be sure that no matter what medical field states its a money-making lie.
There is no bipolar. There is no ADHD.

Those errors happen when you force the brain to work the way it’s not supposed to do… like school peer-pressure.

Relax and listen to your brain it knows better than what other monkeys think they know about it…   Pay attention to yourself first, your actions; It will help you become a better version of yourself.


What are your thoughts on this?

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