What government can do


Government does everything it can do to cast further control
With disregard for the greater good such as ethics, decency, or preserving humanity.

1: Internet is the ultimate surveillance tool
2: Banking is the ultimate financial control
3: Genetics is the ultimate deformity and mutilation tool
4: Medicine is the ultimate life enslavement tool

Make no mistake people, the government is using those sources to their utmost potential. Right this minute your entire browsing history and all your personal conversations, private inventions and content is not only monitored but its also controlled and claimed, which means your thoughts, ideas, and life is property of the government, they can delete what they want. Accuse who they want. And expose your personal videos to the press if they wish to.

You bank accounts can be emptied without probable cause, your money can be used to fund war, famish, death, and rape. Without your right of say

You are eating modified food designed to destroy your brain and genetic material to produce more mentally sick generation over time and keep the wealthy securing their intelligence and health over the human cattle, i.e. working population

The cure for cancer was invented in Germany in 2005 diabetes is cured with parsley drink!! But official medicine is controlling population by killing whoever they have enough excuse for and denying cures to keep the sick dependent on medicine!! Tell me how many people were (cured) by modern medicine without coming back a few weeks later with same or relavent symptoms?

You can think this document is bullshit. You can think that I’m scaring you…  But the truth is..  Its the government you should be scared shitless from. Its the gang you can’t sue.  The gang you can’t touch or even have a say against. The biggest criminal organisation that works with slave trade and murder.

If you want a free country we need a new government! One that upholds our constitution, is transparent and preserves its full effect!

It took Snowden to sacrifice his life and he’s in danger of being murdered by the very people you fund with your taxes.

NO MORE !!  People of the free land! This land is OURS and we have to reclaim our freedom from the rich!!! And we should start by becoming independent from the 4 weapons the government uses against us!

1: Use TOR Network on your computers to have a clean open internet

2:  use your bank to pay your bills and withdraw all your savings and others expenses to cash. If you have a large sum invest it in diamonds or gold (they never lose value in the international market)

3: avoid all fast food and microwave food. Buy vegetables and and meat. That is HALAL by Islamic law.

4:  educate yourself in herbs and treat yourself with locally applied anaesthetics.  Do not go to hospitals unless its a LIFE THREATENING situation.

Even if a doctor has their licence pulled. He’s more trust worthy than a hospital doctor.

USE the metric system!  The imperial system is part of their divide and conquer strategy to isolate you from the rest of the planet!

Good Luck.   I hope my article doesn’t get pulled this time…


What are your thoughts on this?

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