Feminism is NOT Equality anymore

Today Feminism and Equality went separate ways. last time I dated a feminist she almost chopped my parts off. no joke.


Feminists today are trying to conquer men everywhere starting with jobs to house holds. and they want to avenge their ancestors, according to rumors many feminists are lesbians, while some by nature, majority are bisexuals who chose the girl on girl life style. being male-independent is a major thing for them.

Feminism today would be categorized as a cultural disease classed under inferiority complex / sexism. and if it once was about Equality today it’s about castrating all men and demeaning them at every possible moment..

one such example is if a guy made a mistake the feminist will use every single hate phrase she was saving on that guy, because he’s “guy”.

Feminism may soon lead and encourage sexual harassment against men.


What are your thoughts on this?

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