Whatsapp is dead

Whatsapp is dead

Saturday, November 15, 2014
9:01 AM

This prediction comes for Whatsapp being acquired by Facebook.
The first thing to change will be gold-digging.

Mark Zuck is a greedy person he doesn’t understand how to make money by other means than his direct consumers, by treating them as product he will introduce ads or payment, which will both be Whatsapp’s demise.

Whatsapp is a simple messenger that replaces traditional texting to internet based texting, and since whatsapp is not common on a computer it’s limited to use by smartphone users.

The reason people liked it is “Speed” and reliability.
Whatsapp provides 2 key elements a traditional text SMS lacks.
Real-time “sent, delivered and read” notification in form of check marks on each sentence.
Extreme speed, almost less than a second text, which allows group texts and much more happen so fast and without delay.

Whatsapp is going to lose to “Telegram” a new player in the market that offers a much superior service yet to be discovered by the mainstream public.

Just like Whatsapp Telegram also uses the telephone number directory to connect people.

Telegram came equipped with some awesome arsenal of features spear heading with “PRIVACY” at an End-to-end Encryption level called “Secret Chat” that can be initiated once 2 people are on-line at the same time.. Once a key-lock chain is established there’s NO WAY to hack around it. In-fact founder of Telegram Ivan Durov (Also founder of the infamous Vkontakte, a Russian alternative to Facebook to which Facebook stole many ideas from such as the theater mode and animated emoticons)
Offered a generous financial reward for whoever manages to extract a single generated key out of the encryption software… Well… Nobody could.

Telegram is gaining a steady popularity on the social spectrum but that’s not all.
Telegram is “lighter” and “faster” than Whatsapp by a whooping 35%!! According to tests between me and a couple of friends, Telegram can achieve that speed even when running from a cheapest grade smartphone such as a Chinese 30$ knock off!

Telegram is ads free and Spam free, and has a login notification with I.P. reporting as an anti-hacking feature that allows you to terminate any sessions when suspicious!



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