My Command on the Muslim Ban debate video

My Command on the Muslim Ban debate video:


Here’s what I saw in this video

1. Trump speaks Human simple

2. Hillary responds with the same answer in a twisted vague complicated manner full of psychological tactics of “I feel with you, and understand you because I’m a woman”

3. Trump says a simple clear fact about Syrian refugees and the need to do extreme vetting regardless

4. Hillary “CHANGES HER PREVIOUS POSITION” and states in a vague and twisted language that she will let people in because blood and gore and cries.


The Bottom line is.. I lived for over 20 years among Muslims and IN THE MIDDLE EAST. and I know these people, and I’m telling you Trumps actions to “not underestimate” the danger of importing a culture that lived for a 1000 years in the habit of murder, abuse, torture, violence, to Arab Muslims violence is a second language. while the West have been civilized the Middle East has developed into mas dictatorial form of government with a LOT of political and economic ignorance. these people know that violence is a human right in their dictionary, it justifies their existence and taking things by force such as rape is the normal act of an animal male dominating over the female. this to them is a normal right. It is not surprise to the way they act, and I’m not saying that they are wrong. to them their culture, what they are today, is what is right for them. But to the west, it is everything they fought and strives to change.. where the west embraced civility, the Middle East embraced instinct, violence, clan-forming, and the animalistic contrast of male and female. To the middle east, America is stupid and wrong it’s tamed and disrespectful, what nation allowed a female to speak over man??? I can go on and on .. but I guess I said enough to draw the picture. If those people are coming to the west they must be ready and willing to accept the Western culture as part of their everyday lives, and either change with it, or by the least respect it, honor it, and follow the laws that protect it.


What are your thoughts on this?

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