Proposed changes to Driving training curriculum

Driving Lanes

  1. Left lane is the fast lane, its speed should be no less than the max speed of the road
  2. Right Lane is the cruise lane, its speed should be no more than the max speed of the road
  • Therefore by passing vehicles is only possible on the left lane
  • Therefore breaking any of point 1 and 2, should be a driving violation.

    Traffic Light

  • When a traffic light turns green no car should beep before 10 seconds has passed, doing so should be a violation

    Turns and Indicators:

  • Turning is possible only from the lane that allows you to.
  • You cannot cross a line that is solid white, doing so is a violation

Left Turns

  • Never allowed on Red
  • Give way when Green no arrow
  • Give way when flashing yellow
  • If your lane is the only lane turning left you can choose to turn into the left and into the right lane of the new road (Important since many people learn this by practice only and increase wear on their vehicles as well as slow down the fast-lane at point of entry thinking they’re expected to drive into the left lane.

Right Turns

  • Give way at all times unless traffic is green
  • Always exit at right-most lane
  • If need to cross from right-most to left-most it’s OKAY to come to a complete stop at a yield sign or turn exit to wait for cars to clear off.
  • It’s okay to drive slow to cross each lean at a time instead of cutting multiple lanes
  • Cutting multiple lanes is a violation.
  • Common misconceptions
  • The road is not a variable time: you cannot be late at leaving and expect to make up for it by reckless driving, all you immigrants and young people should stop thinking that way.
    • This is the #1 cause of traffic jams and rush hours.
    • This is the #1 cause of all vehicular accidents.
    • This is uncivil and offensive towards your fellow road-sharing drivers.
  • Driving is a privilege, not a right:  while driving is a ubundunt form of transportation it is an expensive and dangerous application entrusted into you.

Highway Driving

  • Under any condition except for completely stopped cars i.e. jams and accidents, breaking or decelerate by use of break should be illegal.
  • When driving on a high way it should be ILLEGAL to use the breaks, and or when doing so they should turn the hazard lights.  Deceleration can happen without breaking by taking of the gas pedal and is a great smooth way to change lanes
  • When exiting the high-way breaking is possible ONLY at the turning lane. and not in the middle of the highway.



What are your thoughts on this?

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