Solution: Lastpass does not work on Firefox ESR


After spending a couple days talking to Lastpass support 2nd tier. we rooted down to the issue that DebianOS has an outdated Firefox-ESR version within their latest distribution (8 Jessie)

Currently Lastpass does not work on the old Firefox ESR 45, Updating to Firefox ESR 52 resolves the issue but it’s a tricky manual update to do so,  here are the steps.


  • Download the latest ESR release from this directory:
  • Unpack the release
  • Copy the firefox folder contents to the following directories.
    • /usr/lib/firefox (Overwrite all)
    • /usr/lib/firefox-esr (Overwrite all)
  • Do the following in /usr/lib/firefox-esr
    • Delete firefox-esr
    • Copy firefox-bin to the same location and rename it to firefox-esr
  • Start Firefox ESR through the desktop shortcut.
  • Check About Firefox to confirm version change.


Note: to undo the changes above simply re-install Firefox-ESR through Aptitude or a package manager.

Write your comments below and let others know if this solution works or if you need any help!


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