Nissan LEAF – Driver’s Review

I have learned tremendous amount of the technology enough to appreciate and give Kudos to those who dare make the brave “leap of faith” into Electric Drive. There’s certainly a change to the better with electric driving. Amount things I recently noticed are as follows.

1. You don’t drive the car, you ride the car.
The greatest difference comes from the realization that you are no longer the total ruler of the drive. But rather seeking a 2 way agreement between you and your car. Similar to horse riding, and I’ll explain why I think that way about my LEAF
The LEAF has a mind of its own. It decides how to do things when in eco mode when it comes to acceleration and turning.

And overtime your car will reflect your milage guesstimate based on how nice you treat her (therefore do well by her and she will do well by you, and she will also tell you that by showing the numbers and bar charts) using modes as auto-cruising on highways and B-mode driving in heavy traffic teach you to be more mindful about your car and your drive style than ever before, in a way it points out your flaws and teaches you driving manners. To be less of a stress inducer surprise driver and more of the Zen driver who enjoys the sensation of “gliding” the road quietly.

2. The quiet
The days of playing music to ignore the motor is gone. The engine sounds very pleasing and futurestic, if you get off ECO. And go ludacrice driving the engine revs sound very funny similar to a chorus of high pitched frequencies that synchronously increase in number the higher the RPM. (I wonder if the sound is different with AC Asynchronous motors as mine is a Synchronous motor). For those leading busy stressful lives and meditating / quiet time is king. Electric Vehicles will being you driving and meditating together. It is polite to always choose slower lanes if you’re driving electric unless you want to race through cars.

3. Hyperspeed
The favourite thing professional drivers guage in a car are Top speed, Acceleration, and Handling.

Top speed sucks, I tell you that upfront this is a commute vehicle with 80 Mph not designed to win drag races.

The Acceleration is out of this world fantastic, with Full power to engines LEAF (which is a smaller 80Kw AC Synchronous Motor) can hit 0-60 is bolt of 8 seconds. To put this in perspective this is almost identical to driving an 8 Cylindar Ford Mustang 2010.

Handling is good
Handling depends on propelling wheels, center of gravity and other bells and whistles. Whilte AWD vehicles out there ominate the curve handling power, the LEAF does not have AWD, She is an FR drive which makes it tricky on turn-breaking and accelerating, it’s one advantage in handling is the low center of gravity thanks to the battery bed, that helps tackle moderate turns at about 15 mph over the recommended speed easily.

The Family
the LEAF is HUGE!
in the spectrum of electric vehicles’ sizes weight is a big big deal, and most people want to buy a car that can fit the whole family. Nissan tackled that challenge with a date (Although not as well as Tesla Model S, sorry folks) You can fit 5, 6ft tall guys in the vehicle and a trunk enough to fit 3 mid size travel luggage bags. The folding seats allow you to expand that storage and throw in a couple bycicles or sport equipment for park events.



What are your thoughts on this?

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