OnePlus – Review

I have nothing but awesome experience with my OnePlus 5 phone. the Pros are the specs and the performance (beats any flagship today even iphone X looks like a joke), the Cons, missing the bells and whistles Samsung has such as Magnetic Payment (ability to pay on any credit card machine “patented tech”) and the Barometer (%99 of people don’t use that I use it to measure atmospheric pressure to anticipate headaches. (you can do that with internet-based service anyway)
But guys seriously. 8-core 2Ghz Processor, 1GB discreet GPU, 8GB DDR4L (L for low energy) RAM, 128GB NAND Flash memory <— I shit you not)…. for ~$550 USD??!!! Shutup and take my money!


I always say a mirror is a mirror. It can be very expensive but that doesn’t make it do what it shouldnt do…

OnePlus5 replacement screen is ordered online and swapping it is not hard (in comparison to the impossible iPhone X torture)

They already use latest Gorilla Corning Glass that exists in flagship phones. And comes pre-equiped with a screensheild just for that occasion too…

For people who are used to a phone being a Nokia 3310 (The Chuck Norris of phones) OnePlus ordered a few cases from Dupont Kevlar Karbon Fiber (5 times more powerful than steel and I think can even stop bullets!) That has raised edges to minimize damage of corner and edge drops (Gorilla Glass weakness points)

It costs a little bit more than your average phone case but the gift of Karbon Fiber that it can be so thin, light and strong together that I’m surprised Apple didn’t invest in them.


What are your thoughts on this?

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