In memory of Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)

We live in a world full of hate and murder. Singers live among a class that is internationally versed by diverse cultures and politics, they see the world in its various forms of good and bad, and it’s very painful to see how much good we have and how much good we lose at the cost of careless greedy bastards. at some point in life you have worked so hard and did so much good, to inspire others to do so well… only to see that you’re still stuck in the battle and there seems to be no way out. somehow the world of good we work so hard to get is not there yet… and WHY not. is it not enough for all what we do that we get a better world one without wars, with driven by co-existence and love? The struggle of a creative person is ever-going realization leads to inspiration, but while all emotions can be embraced as part of the package, sometimes you see the big picture and if feels you have given the world everything you could have, and at that very moment you need a close person that will “highlight” the changes and ripple effect of improvements this world has got from you. Chester and Linkin park, always will be who they are, a teacher, a guide, an inspiration, a flame of proud musical culture, quite possibly the best this generation has ever created. May he rest in peace, for he has delivered an ocean full of it.


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