Windows 8.1 Update 1 Offline Upgrade Download

INTRODUCTION:I couldn’t find an easy way to install this so I had to track down the packages and create a quick and easy execution method :Dinstallation can take up to 1 hour,  do NOT start anything during the update.(Package number 2 is the longest it takes about 30 minutes by itself.)



Package is built with SFX and lands on your temporary folder, from there it executes a quiet WUSA installation for x64 systems, this package will NOT work for x86, if you’re using x86 version of windows  Please download and use 81Update1_Full Package (More information bellow)

You need at least 3GB on your system partition (Default is C:)

This package only upgrades from Windows 8.1 and will NOT work with Windows 8.




81UPDATE1_FULL PACKAGE for IT Developers

This is a deployment pack for IT Professionals, fully reverse-engineer friendly, it’s 1.31 GB ( 400MB bigger than WUSA81Update1 ) and it supports the following gizmos!

1 – Included a fix for Surface Pen ! KB2968599: This issue addresses a Surface pen and Wacom stylus Windows 8 bug for timely response, callibration, and also fixes the OneNote click and screenshot click features of the Surface Pro 3 Pen!
2 –  Full Architecture Detection! :  That’s right this package has all the support for x64/x86 and ARM-based processors and will automatically choose the appropriate packages for you!
3 – Built in QuickDeploy option for IT Developers:  This is a special AWEOMENESS that’s similar to WUSA81update1 temporary directory deployment, however QuickDeploy script is a smart method that goes half way through the process locally and only deploys the packages it needs saving you over 0.5GB transfer time as well as it cleans it’s own mess! “Note: a QD.bat file 1kb remains for future footprint check, and is safe from improper execution. this file is okay to delete after deployment and found in temporary directory”
4 – Better Verbose view with operation history: That’s right! while it’s a little messy for regular customers having a log that you can scroll up and track operation history is useful for IT developers, such as knowing which packages were installed etc.
5 – Cleaner code for reverse-engineering: The code variable fetch system was desgined to make editing as easy as possible for IT developers! you can simply comment out QuickDeploy, or override processor architecture without having to go through the script!, thou takes a little more space, but proper spacing and cleaner code is made to easier understand the function of each line as you go by 🙂  ENJOY!




WUSA Feature Update Installer packages are a legitimate method designed to help IT staff and engineers to distribute updates across multiple computers, the following were legally obtained and no contents have been modified.

this product is legal all rights reserved Microsoft® Incorportated.

For more information contact me or visit Microsoft Terms of use

Skype Unlimited World List of Countries


The simple list of countries supported by Skype Unlimited World.

*This may seem ironic but this list is very well hidden and NOT easily accessible on Skype website, we’re making this list available here so it can be listed in Google/Yahoo/Bing search Engines.


Available countries/regions

Call landlines and mobiles in:
  • Canada

  • China

  • Guam

  • Hong Kong SAR

  • Puerto Rico

  • Singapore

  • Thailand

  • United States

Call landlines only in:
  • Andorra

  • Argentina

  • Australia

  • Austria

  • Belgium

  • Brazil

  • Brunei

  • Bulgaria

  • Chile

  • Colombia

  • Costa Rica

  • Croatia

  • Czech Republic

  • Denmark

  • Estonia

  • Finland

  • France

  • Germany

  • Greece

  • Guadeloupe

  • Hungary

  • Iceland

  • Indonesia (Jakarta)

  • Ireland, Republic of

  • Israel

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Korea

  • Latvia

  • Lithuania

  • Luxembourg

  • Malaysia

  • Malta

  • Mexico

  • Mexico (Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey)

  • Morocco

  • Netherlands

  • New Zealand

  • Norway

  • Panama

  • Paraguay

  • Peru

  • Poland

  • Portugal

  • Romania

  • Russia

  • Russia (Moscow, St Petersburg)

  • Slovakia

  • Slovenia

  • South Africa

  • Spain

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Taiwan

  • Turkey

  • United Kingdom

  • Venezuela

Facebook New Dirty Tricks

Bellow are the most common dirty tricks!!  this is posted so Facebook staff, and users be alerted about it and take action for it.

1 – If someone adds you as friend,  you can accept him , check his personal information.. steal it and then block him!

2 – If someone bugs you alot..  request  reset password on his email a few times. and his account will be blocked..

and by the time he notices is and logs in back.. many of his friends would have not been able to post, access or reply to his PMs… which is a catastrophe.

3 – If your account got blocked for location purposes.. you can have 2 accounts adding each other as friends.. simply login using your second account and guess out who was tagged where.. and it will help you unlock it!!

4 – if you add your friends always from 2 accounts,,  when someone blocks the first one you can always fuck him up with a report.. or answer a creepy message with the other one..

5 – if your friend blocked you, that doesn’t mean your friends are blocked!! always have yourself another account and pretend to be a friend of yourself ..!!

6 – Facebook SUCKS because once a person is blocked you can’t block him back or report him.. so the only way to do that is by using your friends’ accounts.

SWSO Network

My first social network project is the most online effort I’m doing lately into implementing WordPress Buddypress and mashable technnology… although my scripting knowledge sucks I managed to understand and improve a lot


The Objective of SWSO Network is to study and create a working multi-oriented social network, where people can gather in groups, and proceed to their work area..  that will include features to help them in their daily lives..


Unlike ordinary Social networks, SWSO includes more advanced features such as in-group activity scream, multi targeted direct file sharing, and of course what every community needs… an integrated forum!

Aside it’s main goal, SWSO is set out to create a complete profiling, with user side privacy settings, as well as album management.



SWSO Minimizes email notifications down to user’s choice of targets.   by default.. the user is notified only when he’s mentioned.. private messaged.. or recent updates occur to his group



SWSO is not a famous project, neither it’s a joint operated project however it’s a free to access and use all features

since the project is new and still in Beta.. I’m trying to attract more users to it..  but with my marketing skills it’s hopeless ^_^  so if there’s anyone who can help me make a marketing plan.. please contact me

Facebook Feature Suggesting

Since Facebook team is very busy and placing an official feature suggesting page on their platform will generate almost over a billion of suggestions…

Therefore I thought that the best way to send the a message is to make it as simple as a blog article..  I’m positing the suggestions I collected this weak that I believe will improve Facebook as both a community network, and social media platform. and I don’t suggest that Facebook should make deals to share data with government,  I know many of you are wondering about the power Facebook has now that every single person is using it?

Facebook has enough power to police the world, share information with governments catch criminals and even it can legalize crime on a real-world level by manipulating internet data flaw..  similar to Arsenal Gear of MGS 2 Sons of Liberty game.

With Facebook connect API the power facebook now extends beyond to all other sites, from personal level to news blogging, and even introduced the openID method to a level where Facebook became the passport to internet!!

many sites in near future will depend on Facebook entirely… but Facebook has many security holes, many difficulties yet to come.. and that’s why.. suggesting how can Facebook fix this.. is important 🙂

PS: Facebook’s power comes from the people who use it, and Mark Zuckerberg is a good ruler. I would vote HIM for president of the world.

Because you see the power he gains he has never misused it, and only directed it to benefit community. and his services will always remain free to you, so to thank him, =)  just enjoy Facebook. and learn the value of being united as species 🙂

My SUGGESTION LIST ——————————————

Application Privacy
Multi Select and Actions
( Delete selected apps  / Don’t show on Home Page / etc. )
Ability to list apps in custom categories ( like the “edit friends” structure.

Better Facebook Albums
Multi Select Photos and Albums
( Delete Selected Albums / Move to Album / etc )
( Auto Correct / Rotate / Edit / Crop  )
( Drag and Drop photos into Albums )
( Multi Level Albums ) e.g.: my photos / wallpapers / nature / land.jpg

ZIP / Unzip  uploading when uploading alot of images.

Allow File Sharing as a new branch Home > Files > Uploads.. etc

Account Linking:
for people with multiple profiles
Allow linking and switching between them
like pages.
(Pages can’t choose fans and contact them as friends, they don’t work as good and universal as an account for fans can 🙂 )

Friends / Connection management

Add filter by “Others” (non listed people)

Better for Web developers


A few days ago I’ve spent quality time searching for a good open source Web application for file management.
Such as equivalent to cPanel‘s File manager system only a bit more automated, and improved..

eXtplorer delivered what it promised, as an open source web platform file management solution.

I would personally recommend for every website owner to have.



a Better CMS I have tried many Content management systems, during so I established that PHP is more efficient as a server-side programming language than any other of it’s kind

For advanced web developers I recommend using WordPress Platform for a CMS since it’s open source, and can host PHP theme frameworks. and fully interactive which saves time and helps your clients customize their own content without the hassle of contacting you for every change.

Give more.. you get more..

Digimon Gallery

I have setup a gallery gathering images from all fans and sources online for Digimon fans.

View Gallery

if you have are have any digimon fan art please use fileflyer to send it to my email or send them attached in a zip file.

copyrighted material should be sent with written permission from author
I will be happy to post your website links as well ^__^

The Digimon Gallery images are subject to change/removal without notice, depending on copyright owners of current images… the Gallery is licensed under the GNU public license.

More content will be updated to this blog as well 🙂

Free Online Consultation

I’m very much disappointed I can’t find Online Consultation for free anywhere.

I enjoy chatting very much and now I decided to use both my hobby and knowledge to help others ^_^.

My skills Knowledge levels as

(  Beginner –> intermediate –> advanced –> Professional –> Expert )


Singing Advanced, I can sing English and  Russian songs at a good level.
My advices in how to sing will hopefully help you
Web Development HTML:  Advanced Knowledge in HTML and Basic Knowledge in HTML5JavaScript:  Intermediate Knowledge, and Beginner in JQuery
PHP: Learning  O.O Cmon! It’s hard!

CSS:  Basic knowledge in CSS and CSS3

WordPress CMS (WPMU / )
Advanced Knowledge and practice with WP CMS

Windows XP Professional Knowledge of system performance, and stability.
Linux Ubuntu: Basic Knowledge in Ubuntu
Microsoft Office 2003 / 2007 Word:  EXPERT level
PowerPoint: Advanced Knowledge
Access: Beginner Knowledge ( excluding Macro and module creation )
Excel: Intermediate Knowledge
Health Social Science: Advanced knowledge.
Man’s Health:  Professional Knowledge
Woman’s Health: Intermediate KnowledgeEmotion Therapy: Intermediate Knowledge
Languages English:  Fluent
Russian: Speaking only
Arabic: Fluent
Philosophy God:  I believe in god, but don’t believe in modern religionsLife: I think a lot about the life of humans as species, and as people individually.  feel free to discuss it with me if you have questions or points.

Fiction Utopia: I love dinosaurs, and Digital world philosophy.
how to create it what if should be like.. etc.

you can say that’s what “(Dino)+(Raptor)+(101)  comes from..
the raptor signifies for my love for the little raptors not the big slow

Note: The Free Consultation is in experimental stage. and might end at certain time..

topics above are subject to change without manual notice ( you can subscribe to my blog to be notified )

To get a consultation for now arrange for an appointment by email..

if I get many people I will start live consultation 🙂  otherwise .. I spend a lot of time working >..<


Here’s the consultation dedicated email

Facebook has Blocked and !!!

Rendering both Facebook Connect and posting the site’s urls anywhere on Facebook platform.

seriously what is wrong with you Mr. Zuckerburg!! why did you block over half a million of users of your site’s personal blogs, websites, and more.. features the Spam or abuse system … that you could have wrote a simple code to forward any reports in facebook to ( ) instead. and would have blocked all the bad guys..

or else you could ask to be more responsible before you would take such action..

Facebook is definitely abused it’s people-given power by denying all the only free domain with full DNS services in the whole world.

I have 3 websites at 1 is for my company. 1 is my blog.. and 1 is a project for starting a school online..

all enjoyed the luxury of Facebook connect, to ease people from the need to fill a registration form and uploading images…

I cannot afford a paid domain Mr. Zuckerburg, not everybody is rich in this big world…

Mark was my idol so far, and still is for I like what he does, and I like why he does it.
but it’s not him to deny people what he gave at start. you want to stop spammers and hackers? you educate people the means of how to protect them selves.. you can put an automatically generated warning, that clicking on sites you don’t know in facebook might be dangerous and facebook is not responsible.. like the smart Russian dudes did with their

Facebook should be for everybody.. and will always be free right?

best of love, and I’m sorry if I said anything of offense to anyone..