The Virtues of Continues Improvement

In a video called “Why You Need to Fail”, CD Baby founder Derek Sivers describes the surprising results of a ceramics class.

On the first day, the instructor announced to his class that the students would be divided into two groups. Half of the students would only need to make one clay pot each during the semester. Their grades would depend on the perfection of that solitary pot.

The other half of the class would be graded simply by the weight of the pots they made during the semester. If they made 50 pounds of pots or more, they’d get an A. Forty pounds would earn a B; 30 pounds, a C; and so on. What they actually made was irrelevant. The instructor said he wouldn’t even look at their pots. He would simply bring his bathroom scale to the final day of class and weigh the students’ work.

At the end of the semester, an interesting thing had occurred. Outside observers of the class noted that the highest-quality pots had been made by the “quantity group”. They had spent the entire semester working as quickly as they could to make pots. Sometimes they succeeded, and sometimes they failed. Which each iteration, each experiment, they learned. From that learning they became better able to achieve the end goal: making high-quality clay pots.

By contrast, the group that made one object didn’t have the benefit of those failed iterations and didn’t learn quickly enough to perform at the same level as the “Quantity group”. They had spent their semester theorizing about what would make a “grade-A” clay pot but didn’t have the experience to execute that grandiose vision.




Views on modern sexuality

Please don’t judge if you stumble upon my views. I merely share this for scientific and research purposes, if you have questions feel free to comment or message me.

Below is quoted from comments I made during a discussion with my friends

My view on modern sexuality

I’m monogamous (loyal to single partner) and heartbreak is the worse pain!  And sexuality as majority of people treat it today is so devolved and primitive. Because the goal of human communication isn’t mutual satisfaction. It isn’t reproduction. Its in being able to accept differences, develop societies, a sense of belonging in families.

Because the survival of any species depends on  socialism.  Reason why animals move herds, birds fly in flocks, bees live in colonies and humans create culture.    To deny communication is to deny the very reason we exist.   The idea that we exist for each other to be part of each other’s lives.  Sexuality is but a small reward to the individual.  Perverting it won’t get us far.

I think honosexuality is an abnormality/disorder.  It only exists as a genetic flaw in human biology. Because  humans are in constant conflict instead of accepting differences they are accepting similarities.

In my analogy, honosexuality is the result of our miscommunication. :>

I.e.  with enough heartbreaks I may as well become gay.  Or my kids may based of the genetic experience I pass on.

 You always hear people saying I discovered I’m a lesbian <<< hints of a gay convert…. 

Gays are friendlier and nicer because
A: you don't feel threatened around them.
And B: they actually only talk to you because you're a good person.

While normal girls and guys can be easily lured by display of character.  An opposite orientation will always see the human aspect. And never consider the idea of fornication. 

SURPRISE: cultures of no sex before marriage encourage people to see the human aspect and based of that they get married!  (Shocking).

Bisexuality or the (careless/confused) community are people who careless about satisfying others and only seek own satisfaction by (whichever) means.  

Bisexual: If one doesn't work…. Let's try the other!

Gay born:  abused by the world and judged for being different, their interests naturally align with same Gender. And they are also in love with themselves in the mirror! Homosexuality does NOT embrace differences at all. Instead it seeks identical interests. This is TOTALLY normal. but even in gay community a polarisation occurs. One will be dominant and one will be submissive. Except in their case they can actually switch roles without rear thoughts.

Gay converts: don't hate at them. They're not fake. And some of them were forcibly pushed into being straight in a society (just like when you force a left handed person to be right handed).  Sooner or later they will start using their left hand.  It takes time for them to naturally recover from social pressure to what they are, the other parts where normal straight people become gay as part of social influence.

Believe it or not. People today think GAY is COOL. so they intentionally declare themselves gay in pursuit of attention! While I won't argue which sex does this more.  I strongly believe that the majority of gay converts.. Are simply gay because its a fad. And a couple years from now they will be happily married to their opposite gender anyway!

All what I'm saying is my personal conclusion. I'm not implying anything I said being a fact. But I do a lot of reading and I meet and ask a lot of questions. I also don't mean to offend someone or some gender. If I did I'm sorry.

As for my orientation I'll tell you.
I'm a bisexual who decided to be straight. And although I'm attracted to men more I made the choice where I believe I can build a better future.

Little Tigress

A couple of months ago I had the privillage to meet one of the nicest people to me, open, patient, friendly, and over all rounded, self-respectful well established personality that I easily became inspired by.

Little Tigress, and I’ll call her Tiger, first came into my life as a co-worker, as every Tiger equipped with fangs and claws she seemed very intimidating.

keeping distance seemed like the best approach. but I was no ordinary animal either, I was born on the Chinese zodiac year of Snake, as a curious Gemini my curiousity got the best of me this time and I walked on and asked her out on a lunch.

Little Tiger smiled and said “sure”, I was expecting a polite turn down, or maybe a confrontation of some sort… Tiger didn’t bite me, Tiger didn’t fight me at all… I had a meme face of “What Sorcery is this!”


Later afternoon off we went into my car, it’s Just me and the intimidating tiger, (keep it cool Dino!! keep it cool!) I tell myself… this should end up at best to be a good friendship, just like the other girls I talk to on my daily basis, when something is intimidating its better to face your fears and sleep better at night but in this case, I’ll feel more comfortable at work!

Tiger didn’t want to go anywhere, Tiger didn’t want to eat..  Tiger is actually vegitarian!  *giggles*  I never befriended vegitarians I have no idea how they survive, and here I was getting all sorts of images in my head…. images like this


Looks like a tiger but doesn’t eat meat, not so scary after all! but it can’t be that simple a bunny with worrior stripes must have a story behind her… Interesting isn’t it?

For a snake I do a terrible job, I’m awkward naturally and the best way I can cope with my awkwardness is to be open about it and share my thoughts in all honesty… I bet all you guys and girls reading that are turning your heads that I’m going the wrong way about it… but ask yourselves the question had you been that Tiger what would that Tiger really want… the tiger now is intimidated; it’s not because I did something wrong, it’s because I did not do something wrong… the fear of the unknown… Tiger sees fangs and now I know that the Tiger is really a bunny… All the tiger wants is the truth the assurance that I’m no hunter either… so truth I gave…  long story short she doesn’t buy my truth she expects a mischivious evil human truth…

People experience life differently and you should never take words for what the total Truth is. whether it’s the truth I say, or the truth she was told to protect her from the wild Jungle of modern human environment…  The truth doesn’t really exist, the closes you can get to it are the convictions you choose to believe in.

Statistically … Find out if you or your friend is really a SLUT?

Statistically it takes 2-3 months for a person to get over a relationship, and if all your relationships were unsuccessful during the year you would be having a new date every 2 months (at most), and that’s 6 different partners a year.  People who pass that ratio aren’t considered dating since they don’t have emotional investment to get over with. earning them the title SLUT.     – Statistically…

SLUT According to Wikipedia

Slut or slattern is a term applied to an individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous. The accepted denotative meaning is a sexually promiscuous woman[2] or “a woman of a low or loose character; a bold or impudent girl; a hussy, jade”.[3] These definitions identify a slut as a person of low character—a person who lacks the ability or chooses not to exercise a power of discernment to order their affairs, similar to terms used for men, such as a cad, rake, or womanizer. The adjective “slutty” carries a similar connotation, but can be applied both to people and to clothing and accessories, such as Halloween costumes.[4]

The term is generally pejorative and most often used as an insult, sexual slur or offensive term of disparagement (slut shaming).[1][5] It can also be used to mean “dirty or slovenly”.[5] The derogatory power of the term derives both from its denotative meaning of a promiscuous woman, but also from its historical and regional connotations or alternate meanings that identify a slut as a dirty or unkempt person.

The lack of a comparably popular term for men highlights the double standard in societal expectations between males and females.[6] However, in recent times, there have been attempts to “reclaim” the word, while some individuals embrace the title as a source of pride.[7][8]

Jehovah’s script on Abortion


The creation of a baby takes 2.. so should the termination of baby take 2.. both parents should mutually agree on such thing.
both parents LOSE the right to decide anything once the baby is considered separate life form.. ( after 2 weeks of incubation )

Where at that point the BABY retains human rights and full rights to be born, raised, and protected under the responsibility of his parents should they be physically and financially be able to.

That is the will of Jehovah. those who agree not should question whether they have the right to live their own life before they decide to take a life of another being.

Mood control

Moods change depending on the environment and that can be anything from smell. Colors. Sounds. Tastes and food

And in turn the brain has a part responsible for our self-defense that releases commands in forms of pheromones.
Those pheromones help us decide if something is pretty or ugly. Disgusting or delicious. Good for us or bad for us.

Based on that another part of the brain carries out an emotional response such as repulsion anger hate aggressiveness and so on.

To control those mood changes you do not need external medicine as our medieval science suggests.

You simply need to expose yourself to countering agents. To relieve stress you can smell lavender or listen to calm music or water

To amplify thinking yo can listen to violin and muted drums. A good balance will give you the right amount of adrenalin with another pheromone that triggers curiosity.

Music is a science on its own.

Be sure that no matter what medical field states its a money-making lie.
There is no bipolar. There is no ADHD.

Those errors happen when you force the brain to work the way it’s not supposed to do… like school peer-pressure.

Relax and listen to your brain it knows better than what other monkeys think they know about it…   Pay attention to yourself first, your actions; It will help you become a better version of yourself.

Words of Wisdom by – Random Awkward Silence

Life is about making peace with what is. you cant change your past.
a person is what he chooses to be
you can achieve your dreams
you can be happy
you chose to believe you cannot because its who you choose to belive you are
you cant chase happiness
thats not how it works
i was depressed for almost 9 months
all i could ask was “whats wrong with me. ill never get the girl. ill never be anything”
“why arent i happy. what is happy”
but happiness is a butterfly that if you chase will allude you. but when you give up chasing it, and look around at the world, will land on your shoulder
dont chase happiness… just look for inner peace
*Some personally identifying data was replaced with meaning-preserving alternatives.

Jesus, Love, and our purpose.

JesusloveLove is a magical sum of our relationship experiences, it can never be justified or explained, Oxytocin is merely the mammal hormone that triggers it, I’d like to think of love as the main resource of good intentions. one which doesn’t need justifications to exist.

I had the pleasure of meeting a religious young gentleman earlier today, we had a general discussion and conflicted ideas on religion and faith.
Today’s religion is very limited and far away from faith, it solely relies on the book for answers and preaches the acceptance of human flaws instead of faith in the possible good.

The Message of Jesus.
When I tend to read the bible I tend to understand the morale behind every story, the content matters not much as what the message in between the lines does, “I am the son of man, yet I am the son of god” represents that Jesus came to earth is a living evidence that good can exist in a human being, and we should all nurture and achieve those qualities.

Evil is easy because it is an action we’re encoded to perform in our survival genes, those actions are negative and involve “Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride”, we have reached a stage where we hurt and damage our surroundings and ourselves, nowadays our survival depends on “generosity, settlement, intelligence, patience, hope, and humility” those positive things are valuable especially among those who’ve experienced the negative.
The conflict of good and evil is important for constant change.
If you have lived long enough and studied religions you would understand, regardless of the man-made rules the raw message explains that whatever purpose we humans have, we perform that purpose as long as we go on living, and our greatest of gifts is our power to reasoning.
I’d like to think that we humans are intelligent beings, and our purpose lies in learning, reasoning, discovering and discussing.


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A Letter to Demor De Zoldik #05

2014-05-10 23.28.27  

Technology is a fragile evolution and how it evolves today will affect it for years to c


Therefore it is our responsibility to make sure technology evolves in the right direction.

inspired by Steve Jobs.


Dear Demor, I write this and I hope you call.

“Do you believe in the impossible?”

I know I do.

What makes you a miracle is that you give away the very things you lack and thrive to compensate to become loved. to find that person, a shelter you can say “You’re home” to everyday, a place where you belong a place to come back to.

If only your guardians knew what precious creation have they raised. if only I were powerful enough to alter your reality and show you how easy many things come by which seem impossible.

You have been the inspiration of many, yet still you search for someone to inspire you as much. as much I want to thank you back.

I hope I’m as nearly good enough to inspire you, but the person you need the most is the person you see everyday before the mirror.

I’ve learned to admire and value the intelligence in each person, it is good at some things, and terrible at others. what matters more is how you use your gifts regardless what the gift is or how talented it goes. the greatest gift of all is eventually our intelligence. and you’re pretty gifted.


With love, DinoRaptor101

Humans Vs. Animals (TED Ideas worth spreading)

Personal comments submitted on the topic “Humans vs. Animals” which I believe many of you would be interested in reading 🙂

Ironic it is, but humans are the only forms of life that distinguish every other life form as “animal”
which makes them the most discriminative creatures in existence today.

Every life form in this world (excluding modern humans) relies on mother Earth to provide all the sources, of food, environment, entertainment, protection and further more.

Therefore in respect to that approach those “animals” tend to be more aware of the natural system than humans can ever be.

They understand laws.. such laws which are encoded into their genetic experiences.

That every strength has a stronger, every smart can be outsmarted, and every birth will end back to Earth.
That the most flawless system is a system that has been developed and patched through it’s flaws the most… those little things such as flowers bloom so precisely measuring the time of day no man made technology today is able to calculate.

The other law of nature humans cannot apprehend is the existence of life force. when George Lucas introduced the Jedi order he meant it to carry a deep message, the message meant that only when humans except the flaw of life will they be able to truly unite with more than their own body.

The final law of nature is survival of the most balanced and not the fittest, ..  in which all aspects prevail in a life form.
beauty, simplicity, strength, wisdom.

Life teaches us one simple outcome over the years..  that although evolution makes us advance each aspect one-at-a-time eventually all other aspects have to follow and a balance will be achieved this is known as “adverse mutation”


If I may explain, in the absence of trouble, a problem has to be caused to trigger a chain of events.

Therefore, in order for humans to unite as species their very existence
should be compromised, and their survival should be challenged.