Super Web Browser

Click here to Download Super Web Browser

I bet you’ve always wondered around the internet for a stupid-simple browser that you can use to show-case items, or provide customers with internet-related experience that’s fast, plugin free, with nothing but a URL and a Window..

Super Browser (EXACTLY) does just that, stripped of all functionality it uses the currently installed IE engine for rendering and cookies so you can at anytime switch to IE and continue where you started!

The Super Web Browser works way faster than most today’s browsers and with IE9+  installed it easily surpasses the legendary chrome.

But this is not a win since chrome makes it with its full featured browser, and this browser is just a URL and a window.



Super Web Browser is created solely on C++ in a simple “NOOB STYLE” code without any modifications or alternate features. it entirely depends on IE engine and it’s preferences.


The program is provided as is without any warranty, GMX Company and Dinoraptor101 are not responsible for any errors  resulted from use or misuse of the following software.


Created by ( Geniy3Dmax ) and exclusively available on this blog only

All rights reserved, Dinoraptor101, other trademarks and content reserved to its respective owners 🙂

Click here to Download Super Web Browser



SWSO Network

My first social network project is the most online effort I’m doing lately into implementing WordPress Buddypress and mashable technnology… although my scripting knowledge sucks I managed to understand and improve a lot


The Objective of SWSO Network is to study and create a working multi-oriented social network, where people can gather in groups, and proceed to their work area..  that will include features to help them in their daily lives..


Unlike ordinary Social networks, SWSO includes more advanced features such as in-group activity scream, multi targeted direct file sharing, and of course what every community needs… an integrated forum!

Aside it’s main goal, SWSO is set out to create a complete profiling, with user side privacy settings, as well as album management.



SWSO Minimizes email notifications down to user’s choice of targets.   by default.. the user is notified only when he’s mentioned.. private messaged.. or recent updates occur to his group



SWSO is not a famous project, neither it’s a joint operated project however it’s a free to access and use all features

since the project is new and still in Beta.. I’m trying to attract more users to it..  but with my marketing skills it’s hopeless ^_^  so if there’s anyone who can help me make a marketing plan.. please contact me

Digimon Gallery

I have setup a gallery gathering images from all fans and sources online for Digimon fans.

View Gallery

if you have are have any digimon fan art please use fileflyer to send it to my email or send them attached in a zip file.

copyrighted material should be sent with written permission from author
I will be happy to post your website links as well ^__^

The Digimon Gallery images are subject to change/removal without notice, depending on copyright owners of current images… the Gallery is licensed under the GNU public license.

More content will be updated to this blog as well 🙂

Free Online Consultation

I’m very much disappointed I can’t find Online Consultation for free anywhere.

I enjoy chatting very much and now I decided to use both my hobby and knowledge to help others ^_^.

My skills Knowledge levels as

(  Beginner –> intermediate –> advanced –> Professional –> Expert )


Singing Advanced, I can sing English and  Russian songs at a good level.
My advices in how to sing will hopefully help you
Web Development HTML:  Advanced Knowledge in HTML and Basic Knowledge in HTML5JavaScript:  Intermediate Knowledge, and Beginner in JQuery
PHP: Learning  O.O Cmon! It’s hard!

CSS:  Basic knowledge in CSS and CSS3

WordPress CMS (WPMU / )
Advanced Knowledge and practice with WP CMS

Windows XP Professional Knowledge of system performance, and stability.
Linux Ubuntu: Basic Knowledge in Ubuntu
Microsoft Office 2003 / 2007 Word:  EXPERT level
PowerPoint: Advanced Knowledge
Access: Beginner Knowledge ( excluding Macro and module creation )
Excel: Intermediate Knowledge
Health Social Science: Advanced knowledge.
Man’s Health:  Professional Knowledge
Woman’s Health: Intermediate KnowledgeEmotion Therapy: Intermediate Knowledge
Languages English:  Fluent
Russian: Speaking only
Arabic: Fluent
Philosophy God:  I believe in god, but don’t believe in modern religionsLife: I think a lot about the life of humans as species, and as people individually.  feel free to discuss it with me if you have questions or points.

Fiction Utopia: I love dinosaurs, and Digital world philosophy.
how to create it what if should be like.. etc.

you can say that’s what “(Dino)+(Raptor)+(101)  comes from..
the raptor signifies for my love for the little raptors not the big slow

Note: The Free Consultation is in experimental stage. and might end at certain time..

topics above are subject to change without manual notice ( you can subscribe to my blog to be notified )

To get a consultation for now arrange for an appointment by email..

if I get many people I will start live consultation 🙂  otherwise .. I spend a lot of time working >..<


Here’s the consultation dedicated email

Dinoraptor101 Project ( I )

Project I version 2 is all about creating a super fast hybrid site.

that will hopefully take Dinoraptor101 V3.0  to the next step..

Nothing much is to say as the system is currently under slow construction.. since I work on it on my holidays only.

Click here to peek at it   (Link updated to home page, as it’s the current main portal)

SWSO – Smallworlds School Organization

Long time ago, or so I believe I had an idea of making an online school but I dropped that idea due to my lack of knowledge, and finance to make it anyway..  however through time i couldn’t let go of it and I found a virtual play ground to be a good chance to try this idea out!  needless to mention that nobody is interested in working as a free teacher, or any children who attend to a game to actually study in it..  but still as an idea.. I wanted for you guys to check it out.. so here it is..

Notice: people who are not registered or members please register from here

So I can get some bonuses =)

here’s the school system link.

Mcafee Antivirus Free 6 Months Subscription

To Facebook users (Most internet users on this planet lol) Mcafee Offered a 6 Month Subscription for FREE
only to facebook users!

WARNING: For those who have slow internet, Mcafee Installer will attempt to install a 78 Megabytes Installation Package

Click here then “like” the page and follow the instructions.

If the link above doesn’t work copy/paste the following address..!/security?v=app_11007063052

Updates section moved to WordPress

Using WordPress for quite sometime (1 year) I have decided that this system is more stable and efficient to manage my blogging and updating service.

Later updates from now on will be available exclusively on WordPress, links are available for different categories from the official site

You can at anytime read the old updates that were in the official site prior to this upgrade by Clicking here

I hope this new navigation helps you.

Other Updates:

Recently I uploaded tables for Katakana – Hiragana – and most important 90 Kanji letters for Japanese Students

they are available now throught the DDL section of my Website.