Proposed changes to Driving training curriculum

Driving Lanes

  1. Left lane is the fast lane, its speed should be no less than the max speed of the road
  2. Right Lane is the cruise lane, its speed should be no more than the max speed of the road
  • Therefore by passing vehicles is only possible on the left lane
  • Therefore breaking any of point 1 and 2, should be a driving violation.

    Traffic Light

  • When a traffic light turns green no car should beep before 10 seconds has passed, doing so should be a violation

    Turns and Indicators:

  • Turning is possible only from the lane that allows you to.
  • You cannot cross a line that is solid white, doing so is a violation

Left Turns

  • Never allowed on Red
  • Give way when Green no arrow
  • Give way when flashing yellow
  • If your lane is the only lane turning left you can choose to turn into the left and into the right lane of the new road (Important since many people learn this by practice only and increase wear on their vehicles as well as slow down the fast-lane at point of entry thinking they’re expected to drive into the left lane.

Right Turns

  • Give way at all times unless traffic is green
  • Always exit at right-most lane
  • If need to cross from right-most to left-most it’s OKAY to come to a complete stop at a yield sign or turn exit to wait for cars to clear off.
  • It’s okay to drive slow to cross each lean at a time instead of cutting multiple lanes
  • Cutting multiple lanes is a violation.
  • Common misconceptions
  • The road is not a variable time: you cannot be late at leaving and expect to make up for it by reckless driving, all you immigrants and young people should stop thinking that way.
    • This is the #1 cause of traffic jams and rush hours.
    • This is the #1 cause of all vehicular accidents.
    • This is uncivil and offensive towards your fellow road-sharing drivers.
  • Driving is a privilege, not a right:  while driving is a ubundunt form of transportation it is an expensive and dangerous application entrusted into you.

Highway Driving

  • Under any condition except for completely stopped cars i.e. jams and accidents, breaking or decelerate by use of break should be illegal.
  • When driving on a high way it should be ILLEGAL to use the breaks, and or when doing so they should turn the hazard lights.  Deceleration can happen without breaking by taking of the gas pedal and is a great smooth way to change lanes
  • When exiting the high-way breaking is possible ONLY at the turning lane. and not in the middle of the highway.



My Command on the Muslim Ban debate video

My Command on the Muslim Ban debate video:


Here’s what I saw in this video

1. Trump speaks Human simple

2. Hillary responds with the same answer in a twisted vague complicated manner full of psychological tactics of “I feel with you, and understand you because I’m a woman”

3. Trump says a simple clear fact about Syrian refugees and the need to do extreme vetting regardless

4. Hillary “CHANGES HER PREVIOUS POSITION” and states in a vague and twisted language that she will let people in because blood and gore and cries.


The Bottom line is.. I lived for over 20 years among Muslims and IN THE MIDDLE EAST. and I know these people, and I’m telling you Trumps actions to “not underestimate” the danger of importing a culture that lived for a 1000 years in the habit of murder, abuse, torture, violence, to Arab Muslims violence is a second language. while the West have been civilized the Middle East has developed into mas dictatorial form of government with a LOT of political and economic ignorance. these people know that violence is a human right in their dictionary, it justifies their existence and taking things by force such as rape is the normal act of an animal male dominating over the female. this to them is a normal right. It is not surprise to the way they act, and I’m not saying that they are wrong. to them their culture, what they are today, is what is right for them. But to the west, it is everything they fought and strives to change.. where the west embraced civility, the Middle East embraced instinct, violence, clan-forming, and the animalistic contrast of male and female. To the middle east, America is stupid and wrong it’s tamed and disrespectful, what nation allowed a female to speak over man??? I can go on and on .. but I guess I said enough to draw the picture. If those people are coming to the west they must be ready and willing to accept the Western culture as part of their everyday lives, and either change with it, or by the least respect it, honor it, and follow the laws that protect it.




Edited-Summarized by ‘Sweeps’ Fox

— I’m posting this here, because I’m among the very few who know about Wolf Messing, and I want to help preserve and spread this knowledge of his work and contributions to extraordinary abilities research on the internet :)—  – Dinoraptor101

Original Article:


*CLICK on the book cover about ‘Messing’:
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*AND CLICK on Wolf’s Photo/rare:
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The human brain…I prefer ‘Mind’…is mysterious, and its complex cognitive powers are far from being understood. In the darkest years of the turbulent 20th century there lived a man who harnessed the mysterious powers of the MIND like no other human being known to history. He was a telepath, a mind reader, a psychic, a remote viewer, and a lucky survivor who avoided both the Holocaust and the death camps of Joseph Stalin. We may never know the full extent of his extraordinary abilities.

Wolf Grigorievich Messing was born in 1899 to a poor Jewish family in the tiny town of Gora-Kavaleriya near Warsaw-Poland. It was, at that time, a part of the Russian Empire.

At the age of six Messing was sent to a religious school, where he distinguished himself by his devotion and his incredible ability to memorize prayers. Later he was enrolled in a yeshiva, but ran away after two years.

Messing got on the first passenger train he could find, hid under a bench, and fell asleep. When the train conductor demanded his ticket, Messing picked a piece of paper off the floor and handed it to the man, looking into his eyes and willing that the man believe the scrap to be a genuine train ticket. He was successful, and arrived in Berlin with no further problems.

Messing was paid a pittance for menial work, and once fainted from hunger right on the street. He was taken to a morgue, where he was saved from his lethargy by the famous psychiatrist and neurologist Professor Abel. This man was the first to realize Messing’s incredible mental powers and his ability to control his body.

Abel began to conduct mind-reading experiments with the boy.
Messing could become cataleptic…entering a trancelike or unresponsive state of consciousness….at will. Later he found out that he could foretell the future in this state.

The professor was amazed with results of his experiments. Messing immediately understood all mental commands and executed them with precision. He trained himself by going to the Berlin market to read the minds of the vendors.
Abel also taught the teenager to turn off his feelings of physical pain. Messing became a fakir, and to supplement his income (and send money to his impoverished family), he let people pierce his chest and neck with nails in front of an audience.

When he turned 16, Messing began his first tour, traveling to the city of Vienna. But he was no longer a circus attraction. Messing had developed a program of psychological experiments, as he modestly refered to them. During these “experiments” the teenager would execute commands sent to him mentally, tell biographies of people he never met before, and find items hidden by the audience.

Messing’s growing fame attracted the attention of Albert Einstein. The great physicist invited the talented youth to his home, where Messing met Sigmund Freud. The psychologist immediately began his own mental experiments. He gave a mental command to young Wolf to get a pair of tweezers and pluck three hairs from Einstein’s fabulous mustache. The youth did as he was instructed, albeit with embarrassment. But Einstein told him to turn to him for assistance, should he ever need it.

Messing never met with Einstein again, but learned from Freud the art of concentration and self-hypnotism. Later in his life Messing met with other famous people, including Gandhi in 1927.

The Soviet Dictator…Stalin became interested in the case of Wolf Messing, and was determined to check the authenticity of his supposed abilities.
In one experiment devised by Stalin and his aids, Messing walked into a bank, presented the teller with a ‘note’and requested 10,000 roubles. The ‘note’ was actually a blank piece of paper. The cashier handed over the money, and Messing packed the banknotes into his briefcase and left the bank. He then re-entered the bank with two observers who had witnessed the transaction, and handed back the money.
The cashier collapsed with a heart attack when he realized what he had done. Messing confessed later in life…how relieved he was to have learned that the Cashier/Teller had recovered fully.
A second test set by Stalin was to enter his house – surrounded by armed guards – without a pass. Later, as Stalin was working in his office, Messing walked in. Messing explained that he had broadcasted a mental suggestion that he was the feared head of the secret police Lavrenti Beria, and that the guards had seen Beria, not Messing.

’Messing’ was to be considered an ‘Enemy of the Third Reich’

In 1937 Wolf Messing incurred the wrath of the demented Adolf Hitler. While performing in a Warsaw theater, the telepath foretold Hitler’s demise if the Germans attacked the Soviet Union. Hitler, though taken and immersed with the Paranormal and mystical, was to react immediately and hysterically. The Nazis put a price of 200,000 Reichsmarks on Messing’s head.

It is not clear whether Hitler wanted to murder Messing or to harness his powers in captivity. (His other famed psychic, Hanussen, an influential confidant of the superstitious Führer, was murdered in a Nazi power struggle.) Messing had to hide for a long time to evade the Germans.

After 1939, Nazi-occupied Warsaw was plastered with leaflets offering a reward for Messing’s capture. And…on one occasion, he had wandered carelessly onto a busy city street…where he was arrested and savagely beaten. At the police station, he had to collect all his mental strength…and willed the guards to come to his cell. As they staggered inside, Messing left it, locked them in, and escaped. He left Warsaw through the sewer tunnels, hiding in a cart covered with hay, and made his way…traveling only at night with trusted guides…to the Soviet Union. He crossed the Bug River in November 1939.

Stalin’s Cunning Fellow-How Messing came to meet Stalin:

Messing handed the Soviets a Nazi leaflet that promised a reward for his capture. A Jewish refugee with strange talents still did not help Messing find work very quickly.

He was lucky not to be sent to the gulag concentration camps. Later, Messing was protected by Panteleymon Ponomarenko, the Communist leader of the Byelorussian Republic, and allowed to perform. Soon thereafter the NKVD -secret police-a forerunner of the KGB- interrupted his performances and dispatched the psychic to Moscow to meet their formidable Soviet leader.

Stalin was convinced. Fame came immediately; Messing became something of a superstar, and his success brought incredible income to the government. Messing’s assistant, Valentina Ivanovskaya, recalled that the medium met with Stalin, Beria, Voroshilov, Kalinin, and other Soviet leaders. Once Stalin told him, ‘What a cunning fellow you are, Messing!’…but the telepath replied in less-than-perfect Russian: ‘It is not I who is the cunning one, it is you who is truly cunning’

Kalinin nervously pulled his sleeve, but Stalin was obviously in a good mood that day. Perhaps Messing read the dictator’s mind.

Stalin and Lavrenti Beria (head of the secret police) decided to test the hypnotist’s abilities again. They asked if he could exit the Kremlin without a pass if the guards were warned not to let him out. Messing replied that he could. And he did leave the building without any problems, although a secretary followed him. No one stopped the medium, and he waved to the Soviet leaders from the street. The guards swore that the man who walked out past them was none other Stalin himself.

When Messing walked back into the building (as he recalled in his interview to Leningradskaya Pravda newspaper in 1964), the watch commander sent a message in his mind: “You dirty Yid!” The telepath struck him on the cheek with his own thought. And the officer jumped back.

The psychic consulted both Stalin and the chief of the NKVD on a number of occasions. Other meetings with the top party and secret police officials took place, and Messing suffered much stress as a result.

Aiding the War Effort

Messing did not perform from 1943 until the end of the war, allegedly because the Soviet government sent him on a mission to Siberia where he was placed in charge of an espionage college. But this period of his life has not been covered in his memoirs, and remains a mystery.

Not long before the Nazis invaded Soviet Russia, Messing was invited to speak with top Red Army commanders. He predicted that there would be a massive war with Germany, but it would end between May 3 and 5, 1945, with a Soviet victory. Stalin was informed about this prediction, and when the war ended, the Soviet dictator sent a congratulatory telegram to Messing. He kept the telegram for years.

Messing donated his own money for the construction of two military aircraft during the war, and helped his adopted country in many other ways. His family perished in the Holocaust.

A recently aired Russian television special implied that the famous psychic met Stalin some 20 hours before the dictator’s death, and predicted that he would die soon. Messing initiated the meeting, as he wanted to intervene with Stalin on behalf of the doctors arrested in the infamous “Doctors’ Plot” (in which a circle of Jewish physicians were accused of conspiring to poison senior Soviet leaders, including the dictator; some historians allege the plot was orchestrated by Stalin to justify a new purge of the party and the police and to prepare the country for a war with the West). Stalin warned Messing that he would be sent to the gulag if he did not stop meddling. After his death, Stalin’s heirs quashed the accusations against the doctors and instead arrested and executed Beria; Messing could have predicted as much.

Some have noted that Stalin’s death in March 1953 coincided with the holiday of Purim, and the implication is that the Jewish psychic removed the evil tyrant. But Messing was no murderer, and he did not play a role in the blood sport of Soviet politics. Otherwise, he would not have lived a long life in his adopted country. Curiously, another Russian television film about Messing was aired right after the first one, and made it quite clear that no such meeting ever took place. It looked like someone in Russia was trying to blame Stalin’s death on the Jewish refugee who was given a haven in the USSR, yet there are those who protect Messing’s name and honor.

Soviet Medium

During the war, the famous telepath gave many performances in the Soviet military units, military hospitals, and defense plants. His demonstration of mysterious qualities of human psyche and brain irked Communist ideologues and their materialistic propaganda. Before every performance after 1950, a statement from the Institute of Philosophy of the Soviet Academy of Sciences had to be read to the public announcing that Messing’s abilities to read others’ minds were based on “reflection of thoughts on motor human controls”—that is, he guessed the thoughts of others based on their involuntary and unconscious movements. Telepathy does not exist, proclaimed the so-called scientists, because Marxism-Leninism did not provide the guidelines as to its existence. A human thought cannot exist outside of the brain or the material world, and Messing’s experiments had nothing to do with telepathy—this was the official ideological line.

Messing did not like to perform in big cities because he did not like to attract too much attention from the Communist leaders. But the Soviet people loved Messing’s performances and filled the theaters whenever he was in town.

Once while performing in Kiev in the late 1940s, he was detained and brought to Moscow because Nikolay Bulganin, a top Soviet official at the time, had been ordered by Stalin to find a lost briefcase with top-secret documents. Messing was brought to the office of the individual who had lost the briefcase, where he concentrated his remote viewing abilities as he looked at the items in the room. Messing visualized a scene with a sloping riverbank, a small church, and a bridge across the river. There was a black item under the bridge. It was the briefcase.

Messing spoke with local geography experts, giving them the description in his mind, and they recognized two such locations in the vicinity of Moscow. Two trucks full of armed soldiers were dispatched, and a few hours later the briefcase with its precious contents was placed in front of the Soviet officials.

Messing begged Soviet scientists to study him and provide explanations for his unique abilities. But for the most part such scientists were closed-minded people, terrified of the official Communist party line, and they ignored his pleas. Some tests were carried out in the Institute of Psychiatry of the Academy of Medical Sciences, USSR. But the scientists there preferred not to discuss issues that could not be described by the ideomotor actions. The opportunity to study a new phenomenon was lost.

Wolf Messing believed in the existence of a special “field” responsible for telepathic abilities. He felt it should be discovered and researched, and that it could provide wonderful possibilities, just as the electromagnetic field did. He was also fascinated by hypnosis, and recalled that in his younger days in Poland he used hypnosis to cure mental illnesses in extreme cases.

On at least one occasion, Messing was able to predict a man’s fate by looking at his photograph. He was able to foretell the future (when he was forced to by circumstances) with accuracy. Messing wrote that foresight or clairvoyance does exist. We cannot explain such phenomena because we have yet to clearly understand the essence of time, its connection to space, and the interconnectedness between past, present, and future.

The legendary artist and famous tele¬path worked until 1974. By then he was fluent in Russian, Polish, Hebrew and German languages. The KGB allegedly confiscated his personal diaries and notes immediately after his death. The documents remain classified.

Wolf Messing passed away in 1975, and was buried next to his wife at the Vostrya¬kovsky cemetery of Moscow./’S’

It’s been a while…

It’s been a long ti,e since I wrote on my public diary, almost about a decade during which I have learned a lot. Looking back I can see how wise I was and where inexperience was a key factor in learning and improving. Sometimes being experienced isn’t a positive thing. Sometimes what you need is a skill only the curious and the fresh can have. And that skill is intellect, curiousity, ability to adapt and ability to turn everything into fun and excitement. A key to any performance made wonderful.

I have learned how technology is meaningful only if it comes with a 10 year support or durability. And that’s a key rule in buying ,you electronics.

I have learned what it means to be a manager and know how to a fair leader, when to Crack the whip and when to give flowers.

I have learned the effort it takes to create a beautiful art, and much more the effort it takes to create design a wonderful software.

And I’m truly forever inspired by the likes of Steve Jobs and Dieter Rams.
We live in technology and all we care about is results, less did we care about its impact on our health and the idea that we look at screens 80 percent of our sight time.   Tablets, cellphones, computers, tv, ordering in restaurant, card scanners, work laptops, and sometimes even kitchen appliance, microwaves, modern watches, car stereos and navigation and speedometer.  and the list goes on and on. It is as significant invention as the wheel itself!

So will one day VR be the wheel of the Internet of tomorrow.

And that brings me to the discovery of second life where I live a second free life where I can meet friends from all layers of society unbiased and fair, respectful and colorful, where the purpose is to find a better progressive community a day life is worth living. For many consider it a game I find it truly amazing.

Many more might I write soon. .. perhaps tomorrow or the next year.   But I truly hope wordpress the best in what has done. And for it to keep my content available for generations to come.  🙂  special thank you for being a great platform for bloggers!

Disable OneDrive (officially) from Windows

Disclaimer: If you don’t understand something below you’re not ready to make such advanced changes, proceed at own risk, and don’t mess with the registry unless you know what you’re doing 🙂


Uninstall Onedrive

  • Windows 64-bit launch this command:

%systemdrive%\syswow64\OneDriveSetup.exe /Uninstall

  • Windows 32-bit launch this command:

%systemdrive%\system32\OneDriveSetup.exe /Uninstall

Hide From Explorer

  1. Start RegEdit
  2. Press CTRL+F
  3. Paste this key to find in registry "018D5C66-4533-4307-9B53-224DE2ED1FE6"
  4. Click on “System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree”
  5. Change value from “1” to “0”

Fix Windows 10 Start menu and Cortana

Some people may face an odd situation like myself where the Start Menu or Cortana fail to load or crash and many people would consider a clean install.

A Power Shell script can re-instate all the functions, you should run this in Administrator privileges. leave your thoughts in comments bellow 🙂 thanks!


Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Views on modern sexuality

Please don’t judge if you stumble upon my views. I merely share this for scientific and research purposes, if you have questions feel free to comment or message me.

Below is quoted from comments I made during a discussion with my friends

My view on modern sexuality

I’m monogamous (loyal to single partner) and heartbreak is the worse pain!  And sexuality as majority of people treat it today is so devolved and primitive. Because the goal of human communication isn’t mutual satisfaction. It isn’t reproduction. Its in being able to accept differences, develop societies, a sense of belonging in families.

Because the survival of any species depends on  socialism.  Reason why animals move herds, birds fly in flocks, bees live in colonies and humans create culture.    To deny communication is to deny the very reason we exist.   The idea that we exist for each other to be part of each other’s lives.  Sexuality is but a small reward to the individual.  Perverting it won’t get us far.

I think honosexuality is an abnormality/disorder.  It only exists as a genetic flaw in human biology. Because  humans are in constant conflict instead of accepting differences they are accepting similarities.

In my analogy, honosexuality is the result of our miscommunication. :>

I.e.  with enough heartbreaks I may as well become gay.  Or my kids may based of the genetic experience I pass on.

 You always hear people saying I discovered I’m a lesbian <<< hints of a gay convert…. 

Gays are friendlier and nicer because
A: you don't feel threatened around them.
And B: they actually only talk to you because you're a good person.

While normal girls and guys can be easily lured by display of character.  An opposite orientation will always see the human aspect. And never consider the idea of fornication. 

SURPRISE: cultures of no sex before marriage encourage people to see the human aspect and based of that they get married!  (Shocking).

Bisexuality or the (careless/confused) community are people who careless about satisfying others and only seek own satisfaction by (whichever) means.  

Bisexual: If one doesn't work…. Let's try the other!

Gay born:  abused by the world and judged for being different, their interests naturally align with same Gender. And they are also in love with themselves in the mirror! Homosexuality does NOT embrace differences at all. Instead it seeks identical interests. This is TOTALLY normal. but even in gay community a polarisation occurs. One will be dominant and one will be submissive. Except in their case they can actually switch roles without rear thoughts.

Gay converts: don't hate at them. They're not fake. And some of them were forcibly pushed into being straight in a society (just like when you force a left handed person to be right handed).  Sooner or later they will start using their left hand.  It takes time for them to naturally recover from social pressure to what they are, the other parts where normal straight people become gay as part of social influence.

Believe it or not. People today think GAY is COOL. so they intentionally declare themselves gay in pursuit of attention! While I won't argue which sex does this more.  I strongly believe that the majority of gay converts.. Are simply gay because its a fad. And a couple years from now they will be happily married to their opposite gender anyway!

All what I'm saying is my personal conclusion. I'm not implying anything I said being a fact. But I do a lot of reading and I meet and ask a lot of questions. I also don't mean to offend someone or some gender. If I did I'm sorry.

As for my orientation I'll tell you.
I'm a bisexual who decided to be straight. And although I'm attracted to men more I made the choice where I believe I can build a better future.

Yoga 3 pro not charging easy fix!

lenovo-yoga-3-pro-product-photos03[1] If you have a Yoga 3 pro and your battery is not charging here’s a silly easy fix that you may try! without opening up your computer!

1 – Turn your computer completely off and flip it upside down

2 – Use the image bellow and pinpoint the location of the Battery connection cable (the cable in the top center of the battery)

you can do so by coordinating with the edge screws and the center of the computer.


3 – Place the computer on a flat surface, and gently but firmly press on top of that cable (through the plastic cover) several times, (as if you’re doing a point massage).

4 – Turn on the computer and enjoy your battery again!

Conclusion: this issue happens more often than you can think, usually because Lenovo’s Battery clip is a bit loose and comes off either by itself (because the factory didn’t tape it)

or due to a light nudge or a drop.

This case is isolated to Yoga 3 pro computers only

All other versions of Yoga do not seem to be sharing the same silly cause!

Little Tigress

A couple of months ago I had the privillage to meet one of the nicest people to me, open, patient, friendly, and over all rounded, self-respectful well established personality that I easily became inspired by.

Little Tigress, and I’ll call her Tiger, first came into my life as a co-worker, as every Tiger equipped with fangs and claws she seemed very intimidating.

keeping distance seemed like the best approach. but I was no ordinary animal either, I was born on the Chinese zodiac year of Snake, as a curious Gemini my curiousity got the best of me this time and I walked on and asked her out on a lunch.

Little Tiger smiled and said “sure”, I was expecting a polite turn down, or maybe a confrontation of some sort… Tiger didn’t bite me, Tiger didn’t fight me at all… I had a meme face of “What Sorcery is this!”


Later afternoon off we went into my car, it’s Just me and the intimidating tiger, (keep it cool Dino!! keep it cool!) I tell myself… this should end up at best to be a good friendship, just like the other girls I talk to on my daily basis, when something is intimidating its better to face your fears and sleep better at night but in this case, I’ll feel more comfortable at work!

Tiger didn’t want to go anywhere, Tiger didn’t want to eat..  Tiger is actually vegitarian!  *giggles*  I never befriended vegitarians I have no idea how they survive, and here I was getting all sorts of images in my head…. images like this


Looks like a tiger but doesn’t eat meat, not so scary after all! but it can’t be that simple a bunny with worrior stripes must have a story behind her… Interesting isn’t it?

For a snake I do a terrible job, I’m awkward naturally and the best way I can cope with my awkwardness is to be open about it and share my thoughts in all honesty… I bet all you guys and girls reading that are turning your heads that I’m going the wrong way about it… but ask yourselves the question had you been that Tiger what would that Tiger really want… the tiger now is intimidated; it’s not because I did something wrong, it’s because I did not do something wrong… the fear of the unknown… Tiger sees fangs and now I know that the Tiger is really a bunny… All the tiger wants is the truth the assurance that I’m no hunter either… so truth I gave…  long story short she doesn’t buy my truth she expects a mischivious evil human truth…

People experience life differently and you should never take words for what the total Truth is. whether it’s the truth I say, or the truth she was told to protect her from the wild Jungle of modern human environment…  The truth doesn’t really exist, the closes you can get to it are the convictions you choose to believe in.

Dropbox your time is up.

There is no doubt that Dropbox is the king of cloud storage, ranging from it’s unmatched data reliability, privacy, and autonomous functionality, Dropbox pretty much wrote the book on local-sync cloud backup before there even was an iCloud.

Major corporations and business giants were happy to join in and invest in the smart-interface solutions it provided until the biggest doubt thrashing bomb came on as Dropbox hires Condoleezza Rice (Former Secretary of state of Bush Administration) to it’s board of directors! “Read more on The Verge”

Condoleezza Rice is widely known as Dr. Rice Security Adviser who’s partially responsible for the 9/11 staged attacks by the pentagon as well as the person responsible for passing the “Patriot Act” set of bills that whipped privacy and human rights out of the U.S.

To put it simply every privacy concerned international business should SERIOUSLY consider moving on to a different cloud solution preferably not American.

As for me I’m highly considering as a good automative solution created by the people’s hero founder of Megaupload  KIM DOTCOM.