Yoga 3 pro not charging easy fix!

lenovo-yoga-3-pro-product-photos03[1] If you have a Yoga 3 pro and your battery is not charging here’s a silly easy fix that you may try! without opening up your computer!

1 – Turn your computer completely off and flip it upside down

2 – Use the image bellow and pinpoint the location of the Battery connection cable (the cable in the top center of the battery)

you can do so by coordinating with the edge screws and the center of the computer.


3 – Place the computer on a flat surface, and gently but firmly press on top of that cable (through the plastic cover) several times, (as if you’re doing a point massage).

4 – Turn on the computer and enjoy your battery again!

Conclusion: this issue happens more often than you can think, usually because Lenovo’s Battery clip is a bit loose and comes off either by itself (because the factory didn’t tape it)

or due to a light nudge or a drop.

This case is isolated to Yoga 3 pro computers only

All other versions of Yoga do not seem to be sharing the same silly cause!

Little Tigress

A couple of months ago I had the privillage to meet one of the nicest people to me, open, patient, friendly, and over all rounded, self-respectful well established personality that I easily became inspired by.

Little Tigress, and I’ll call her Tiger, first came into my life as a co-worker, as every Tiger equipped with fangs and claws she seemed very intimidating.

keeping distance seemed like the best approach. but I was no ordinary animal either, I was born on the Chinese zodiac year of Snake, as a curious Gemini my curiousity got the best of me this time and I walked on and asked her out on a lunch.

Little Tiger smiled and said “sure”, I was expecting a polite turn down, or maybe a confrontation of some sort… Tiger didn’t bite me, Tiger didn’t fight me at all… I had a meme face of “What Sorcery is this!”


Later afternoon off we went into my car, it’s Just me and the intimidating tiger, (keep it cool Dino!! keep it cool!) I tell myself… this should end up at best to be a good friendship, just like the other girls I talk to on my daily basis, when something is intimidating its better to face your fears and sleep better at night but in this case, I’ll feel more comfortable at work!

Tiger didn’t want to go anywhere, Tiger didn’t want to eat..  Tiger is actually vegitarian!  *giggles*  I never befriended vegitarians I have no idea how they survive, and here I was getting all sorts of images in my head…. images like this


Looks like a tiger but doesn’t eat meat, not so scary after all! but it can’t be that simple a bunny with worrior stripes must have a story behind her… Interesting isn’t it?

For a snake I do a terrible job, I’m awkward naturally and the best way I can cope with my awkwardness is to be open about it and share my thoughts in all honesty… I bet all you guys and girls reading that are turning your heads that I’m going the wrong way about it… but ask yourselves the question had you been that Tiger what would that Tiger really want… the tiger now is intimidated; it’s not because I did something wrong, it’s because I did not do something wrong… the fear of the unknown… Tiger sees fangs and now I know that the Tiger is really a bunny… All the tiger wants is the truth the assurance that I’m no hunter either… so truth I gave…  long story short she doesn’t buy my truth she expects a mischivious evil human truth…

People experience life differently and you should never take words for what the total Truth is. whether it’s the truth I say, or the truth she was told to protect her from the wild Jungle of modern human environment…  The truth doesn’t really exist, the closes you can get to it are the convictions you choose to believe in.

Dropbox your time is up.

There is no doubt that Dropbox is the king of cloud storage, ranging from it’s unmatched data reliability, privacy, and autonomous functionality, Dropbox pretty much wrote the book on local-sync cloud backup before there even was an iCloud.

Major corporations and business giants were happy to join in and invest in the smart-interface solutions it provided until the biggest doubt thrashing bomb came on as Dropbox hires Condoleezza Rice (Former Secretary of state of Bush Administration) to it’s board of directors! “Read more on The Verge”

Condoleezza Rice is widely known as Dr. Rice Security Adviser who’s partially responsible for the 9/11 staged attacks by the pentagon as well as the person responsible for passing the “Patriot Act” set of bills that whipped privacy and human rights out of the U.S.

To put it simply every privacy concerned international business should SERIOUSLY consider moving on to a different cloud solution preferably not American.

As for me I’m highly considering as a good automative solution created by the people’s hero founder of Megaupload  KIM DOTCOM.

Question: Circumcised or intact penis?

An amazing feedback from an intact man, who carefully explains his thoughts on stopping circumcision.

Just a Snip - against genital mutilation aka circumcision

Found on Facebook, the author has chosen to remain anonymous, but we post it with his permission. This was his answer to the question “Are you circumcised or intact and how do you feel about it?”



I am not going to lie. I am posting here because this subject is so sensitive to me. Friends who know me, especially those who have seen me in the buff, wonder

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Whatsapp is dead  Saturda…

Whatsapp is dead

Saturday, November 15, 2014
9:01 AM

This prediction comes for Whatsapp being aquired by Facebook.
The first thing to change will be gold-digging.

Mark Zuck is a greedy person he doesn’t understand how to make money by other means than his direct consumers, by treating them as product he will introduce ads or payment, which will both be Whatsapp’s demise.

Whatsapp is a simple messenger that replaces traditional texting to internet based texting, and since whatsapp is not common on a computer it’s limited to use by smartphone users.

The reason people liked it is “Speed” and reliability.
Whatsapp provides 2 key elements a traditional text SMS lacks.
Real-time “sent, delivered and read” notification in form of check marks on each sentence.
Extreme speed, almost less than a second text, which allows group texts and much more happen so fast and without delay.

Whatsapp is going to lose to “Telegram” a new player in the market that offers a much superior service yet to be discovered by the mainstream public.

Just like Whatsapp Telegram also uses the telephone number directory to connect people.

Telegram came equipped with some awesome arsenal of features spear heading with “PRIVECY” at an End-to-end Encryption level called “Secret Chat” that can be initiated once 2 people are online at the same time.. Once a key-lock chain is established there’s NO WAY to hack around it. In-fact founder of Telegram Ivan Durov (Also founder of the infamous Vkontakte, a Russian alternative to Facebook to which Facebook stole many ideas from such as the theatre mode and animated emoticons)
Offered a generous financial reward for whoever manages to extract a single generated key out of the encryption software… Well… Nobody could.

Telegram is gaining a steady popularity on the social spectrum but that’s not all.
Telegram is “lighter” and “faster” than Whatsapp by a whooping 35%!! According to tests between me and a couple of friends, Telegram can achieve that speed even when running from a cheapest grade smartphone such as a Chinese 30$ knock off!

Telegram is ads free and spam free, and has a login notification with IP reporting as an anti-hacking feature that allows you to terminate any sessions when suspicious!

Feminism is NOT Equality anymore

Today Feminism and Equality went separate ways. last time I dated a feminist she almost chopped my parts off. no joke.


Feminists today are trying to conquer men everywhere starting with jobs to house holds. and they want to avenge their ancestors, according to rumors many feminists are lesbians, while some by nature, majority are bisexuals who chose the girl on girl life style. being male-independent is a major thing for them.

Feminism today would be categorized as a cultural disease classed under inferiority complex / sexism. and if it once was about Equality today it’s about castrating all men and demeaning them at every possible moment..

one such example is if a guy made a mistake the feminist will use every single hate phrase she was saving on that guy, because he’s “guy”.

Feminism may soon lead and encourage sexual harassment against men.

Speed up Windows 7 through Settings and Registry!


Windows is no doubt the single most advanced and versatile operating system in existence, and one of its greatest powers is end-user customizability.

The greatest task of every decent developer always involved 2 aspects of programming, SPEED and STABILITY; many will offer you a bunch of registry tweaks and un studied hints on how to speed up your computer compromising your “stability”. but this is not the case here.

I’m a humble Researcher underdog who is working for Microsoft, (in a totally irrelevant field) but I do my nerd share of beta testing every small feature they release out there! and to your surprise the tweaks I’m giving to you are NOT work-arounds, they are tools built and designed for that by Microsoft itself!

the only reason some of them are disabled is for users’ own safety. because Microsoft (believe it or not) always valued  STABILITY over SPEED, well enough for the boring argument let’s get to the fun part!


Warning: Once you activate those tweaks you have to make sure you NEVER improperly power down your device. in fact I suggest you get yourself a UPS!, something smart users always do. it gives power surge protection and extends the life of your machine.

TWEAK #1: (Thanks to Computer World article here) (Windows 7 and later systems only)

Moving the Windows Kernel into Memory

Anything that runs in system memory runs faster than if it runs from your hard disk. To that end, you can speed up Windows itself by moving the Windows kernel into RAM, by executing this Registry tweak:

  1. Open the Registry Editor.
  2. Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\
  3. CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management key.
  4. Right-click the DisablePagingExecutive item and select Modify.
  5. In the Edit DWORD dialog box, change the value to 1.
  6. Click OK.

You must reboot your system for this tweak to take effect.

Caution: If you experience system problems after performing this tweak, re-edit the value of DisablePagingExecutive back to 0.

Or simply use this REG KEY to do the same thing (Don’t worry I wrote it myself!)



Using your Hard Drive built in cache

Just like RAM, cache is a little slower but eons faster than your 7200 RPM Hard drives; and it’s built into every hard drive today. you can configure using it through the Device Manager (devmgmt.msc)

1 . Open Run window (CTRL+R) and type “devmgmt.msc” without the quotes.

PS: You can also get there through computer properties and control panel,  start search and more. you name it.

2 . Navigate to your Disk Drive, and choose the “policies” tab from its “properties”

3.  Check both these boxes in the picture.



Launch Folders under a separate process!

If you have 512MB RAM or more you should definitely use it! I have no idea why to this date Explorer.exe still uses a single process architecture to launch the entire windows explorer environment in our multi-core processing age; enabling this makes your entire windows system faster AND prevents total crashes or freezing as only the non-responding window is sand-boxed from affecting the entire thing DOH!.

1 . Open “Folder Options” (you can get it from control panel, start search, or in any explorer window from the “Organize” drop-down list).

2. Go to the “view” tab and scroll down till you find “Launch folder windows in a separate process”

folder options

What government can do


Government does everything it can do to cast further control
With disregard for the greater good such as ethics, decency, or preserving humanity.

1: Internet is the ultimate surveillance tool
2: Banking is the ultimate financial control
3: Genetics is the ultimate deformity and mutilation tool
4: Medicine is the ultimate life enslavement tool

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Statistically … Find out if you or your friend is really a SLUT?

Statistically it takes 2-3 months for a person to get over a relationship, and if all your relationships were unsuccessful during the year you would be having a new date every 2 months (at most), and that’s 6 different partners a year.  People who pass that ratio aren’t considered dating since they don’t have emotional investment to get over with. earning them the title SLUT.     – Statistically…

SLUT According to Wikipedia

Slut or slattern is a term applied to an individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous. The accepted denotative meaning is a sexually promiscuous woman[2] or “a woman of a low or loose character; a bold or impudent girl; a hussy, jade”.[3] These definitions identify a slut as a person of low character—a person who lacks the ability or chooses not to exercise a power of discernment to order their affairs, similar to terms used for men, such as a cad, rake, or womanizer. The adjective “slutty” carries a similar connotation, but can be applied both to people and to clothing and accessories, such as Halloween costumes.[4]

The term is generally pejorative and most often used as an insult, sexual slur or offensive term of disparagement (slut shaming).[1][5] It can also be used to mean “dirty or slovenly”.[5] The derogatory power of the term derives both from its denotative meaning of a promiscuous woman, but also from its historical and regional connotations or alternate meanings that identify a slut as a dirty or unkempt person.

The lack of a comparably popular term for men highlights the double standard in societal expectations between males and females.[6] However, in recent times, there have been attempts to “reclaim” the word, while some individuals embrace the title as a source of pride.[7][8]

Xbox 360 Slim freezing fix 100%!!! (Easy!)

Hello dear readers, if you’ve stumbled across this article you’re looking to fix your freezing Xbox 360!

And as long as you never had it over heat here is my solution!


this is an uncommon issue but it usually remains mysterious until you know the cause comes from overloading a single house power socket!

But you can just plug the Xbox to another socket. Here are the steps

1 unplug everything from Xbox and unplug power strip from power

Leave power strip unplugged for 5 minutes at least after the light on the power brick turns off.

2. Plug the brick in another socket and connect to Xbox ( do not plug anything else except power cord. As other cables will cause interference!

3. Turn on Xbox for 3 minutes by itself.  Turn off connect other cables and turn on

4.  Solved!   If you still have freezing problem it maybe corrupt HDD data. or heating. 🙂